At the Intersection of Fleet Maintenance & Management

Uniquely Positioned

EMDECS is the only platform that has been designed with equal focus on both fleet maintenance and fleet management. The underlying software architecture has been
designed to connect the workshop, with dispatch and to connect both to back office operations to creates a digital platform that works the way you run your business.

25 Years Experience

Training technicians, fleet managers and back-office team members to use EMDECS takes less than 30 minutes. Our intuitive interface and familiar workflows allow everybody within your business to use EMDECS without weeks of in-depth instruction, enabling the benefits to be experienced in your business quickly.

The One Way. The Best Way

EMDECS has been designed to think the way your team does. Everything it does has been designed to work the way every part of your business wants to work; from repair technicians to dispatch agents, accounts receivable to customer service, the logic inside EMDECS helps every piece of your business operate more efficiently.

Customer Driven

Everything we do is in the service of our customers – and in the pursuit of moving the industry we work in forward. We listen when you tell us you need something and figure out the one way, the best way to deliver it for your business.

Robust Architecture

EMDECS is built on the Oracle BareMetal Dense I/O platform. Using Oracle Cloud ensures optimal application response times and uptime availability to be able to provide your repair business or fleet operations with the platform it requires to meet the needs of both your business and your customers’ expectations.

Maintenance + Management

We’ve been at the intersection of both fleet maintenance and fleet management for the last 25 years. In that time, we’ve learned a few things. While some companies focus on one area, we pride ourselves in being uniquely positioned at the intersection of both. It’s what makes us different.