What Fleet Shop Technicians Need Most

Shop technicians want to do their jobs well. They all want to be good at their jobs, young or old. If you manage a medium or large, busy shop, whether fleet or mom and pop, your techs need ongoing training to keep pace with emerging technology. And to address the question of what they need most take a look at owner equipment manufacturers (OEMs).

OEM dealerships provide specialized training to their techs. And OEM training is great for new hires as well as veterans, including those in large shops. But that’s not what this post is focusing on. Another advantage of working in OEM shops is access to the latest industry technology.  Shop techs welcome training in any form. They thirst for it. So give them technology and show them how to use it.

Enlist OEM Training

Decide what specific equipment you see most and contact the OEM to arrange special programs on that equipment for your technicians. If you’re a fleet shop owner or manager let the manufacturer know that your fleet is committed to continuing to use their trucks and that it’s important for your techs to have proprietary training.

That may sound difficult or impossible to many shop managers but really it’s not. To facilitate training start with a shop management system that will get your techs accustomed to using mobile devices instead of recording their work and time on paper.

Doing so is a big step toward increasing their knowledge and getting them to love their jobs. Specialized training can come later and can be tailored to your fleet’s specific equipment especially when you are using multiple units from the same manufacturer.

Benefits of a Shop Management System

A shop management system, one that is tried and true, can save so much time by replacing historical work methods and streamlining many everyday procedures. Your techs will love not having to record their time and work on paper. Instead, the system tracks tech hours in real time and they enter work completed with a keyboard then transmit it directly to management.

It’s also the right thing to do for your service manager who is already bogged down in stacks of paperwork. You can easily and affordably simplify the lives of your manager and techs by giving them EMDECS by BrightOrder. We’ve proven that it speeds up work flow and makes for happy drivers and owners by completing repairs and maintenance quickly and increasing uptime.

EMDECS is a complete repair shop or fleet management facility that is software driven which can systematize all your maintenance and repair operations. Use it to catalogue all your shop functions and have them at your fingertips for quick access.

Manage Inventory

EMDECS also provides you with inventory management to put an end to waiting for frequently used parts. You have them on hand readily available to techs. The parts are issued directly to the repair order by the parts manager digitally and error free.

Buying from major suppliers is a breeze. Over $8.6 billion worth of parts has been purchase using EMDECS. We continue to forge new relationships with more suppliers.

The system automatically sends suggested parts order information based on techs usage as indicated on the ROs to management. Then the parts manager generates a digital purchase order and emails it to your supplier of choice.

Imagine preventive maintenance and repair history of all your vehicles available at your fingertips, at just a few clicks. No more searching through paper files to view past work orders. Efficiency goes up while costs go down.

EMDECS is easy to use and comes with training videos to get your people up and running with it in very short order. In person training is also available when health restrictions are no longer in effect.

The system is the foundation for learning through specialized training and hands on screen usage. By having your techs get comfortable with digital information systems they will be well prepared to accept and enjoy onscreen training and should have no trouble thriving on it.

This cloud based software built with enterprise technology is the basis that increases tech proficiency, satisfaction, and overall efficiency of your shop. And techs that are happy in their careers will stick with you.

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