A One Stop-Shop for Fleet Management

Centralize Your Operations in One Place

Real-Time Tracking

Have a real-time, LIVE overview of your fleet operations from any location with any device connected to the Internet.

Detailed Repair Orders

Robust and comprehensive ROs complete with all relevant information; from Technician Repair Times and Labor Activities to Part Usages, and More.

Reports & Analysis

Schedule customized e-Reports that can easily be exported or sent via email to maintain a consistent workflow.


The world is inevitably progressing towards the digitalization of so many aspects of everyday work… including Fleet Maintenance. BUT that shouldn’t mean that you have to employ dozens of pieces of software to keep up with it. Instead, isn’t it simpler to have ONE program that takes care of every component of your workshop?

From Inventory and Preventative Maintenance to Finances, Compliance and everything in between - EMDECS is your one-stop shop for all your Fleet Maintenance needs.

Designed by placing our partners – workshop managers, technicians and others just like yourself – at the centre of its creation. Guaranteeing heightened efficiency, reduced downtime and boosted productivity. Updated every quarter of the year to keep up with the changing trends and compliance.

See EMDECS for yourself:

Think Fleet Maintenance?


  • Boost the productivity and efficiency of your workshop on all fronts; vehicle arrival, repair, tracking parts, technician hours, labor activities, invoicing, payments and more.
  • Dedicated portals for everyone involved in the process, namely, the Admin Portal, Technician Portal, Inventory Portal, Accounting Portal, Driver Portal and Customer Portal.
  • Real-time tracking. EMDECS initiates its process of analyzing and recording as soon as it is signed in. Providing a LIVE overview of the entire operation from any location using any device connected to the Internet.
  • Maintain a database of reports for review and analysis in the future. Providing an insight into any noticeable failure trends and incomplete ROs.
  • Equipped with digital jobs cards, inspection sheets, note-taking, instant messaging and electronic invoicing to make the entire operation fully seamless and paperless.
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling and Warranty Campaigns to ensure the good health of your fleet and units.

EMDECS for Technicians

Learn how we integrate Technicians into our system for increased efficiency at every level of your operation.