Waste Collection and Recycling Trucks

Garbage trucks must endure harsh starts and stops all day long every day. If they’re not picking up, you’re not making money. They need a lot of care in the form of frequent maintenance and repairs to maximize uptime.
Fleet maintenance is the foundation of keeping your trucks on the road. Your shop needs a comprehensive maintenance plan that focuses on preventative not reactive repairs. The latter can be far more costly due to the necessary repairs, possible towing charges, and lost revenue from a truck being placed out of service. And component failures on the road can be dangerous for drivers, technicians or tow truck drivers. Reactive maintenance is really not worth the liability.


Start by Using Your Resources
Your drivers must be made aware how important their pre-trip and post-trip inspections are toward taking care of little things that prevent a big thing from happening. Engage your technicians by stressing the need to inspect any minor defects brought to their attention and correct these before they cause breakdowns. If updated training is called for, provide it for them. Maintenance costs less than expensive repairs, especially when repairs could have been prevented by frequent improved maintenance.
Waste and recycling vehicles are under much stress to their power trains caused by those constant stops and starts. Drivers need to be on the lookout for noises, vibrations and anything that changes in the performance of trucks and bring them to the attention of the shop manager immediately.

Drivers must also be scanning the dash panel gauges frequently, reading air pressure in the brake system, coolant temperature, and oil pressure, among other vital indicators. Tire pressures need to be checked and adjusted before and after each trip. And tires need to be checked visually for cuts and other damage and for unusual tread wear.
Check for leaks under and around the vehicle. Watch for coolant, steering fluid, transmission fluid, hydraulic oil, and axle and differential seal grease where trucks are parked between shifts. And don’t forget to look at the compactor to check for cleanliness and proper lubrication. Check the hydraulic system for leaks and line chafing.


Help With Maintenance Planning
If you find that your fleet’s maintenance programs are not efficient enough that trucks are costing too much in repairs and hurting profit, it’s time to invest in a shop management and repair system that saves you money. It’s time to bring technology to your shop.

At BrightOrder Inc. we created a cloud-based shop management system which has the ability for you to create and manage preventative maintenance schedules easily. It’s called EMDECS and it’s customizable to serve a wide variety of industries, including waste collection and recycling.

We’ve also been designing and building systems for fleet shops for more than two decades. That may make EMDECS sound expensive to you but it’s really not. We feel you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable it is. Cost savings for your fleet through enhanced maintenance practices is what we’re all about.


EMDECS is Easy to Use
Managers and technicians can be trained quickly and will love using our system. It makes them more productive by eliminating outdated work methods. Techs are able to use any device with an internet connection and a browser to navigate the system.
ROs, POs, invoices, check lists are all created and issued digitally. No more hand writing on costly stacks of paper. Records are stored in digital form within EMDECS in the cloud.

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) codes are accessed by EMDECS using one-touch icons saving techs valuable time. No more searching long lists of codes. Correct codes are issued to the RO by the tech with a few clicks.

Inventory control is easy and efficient with EMDECS. The system automatically sends recommended parts lists to managers based on the techs recent usage. Issue a PO and transmit to your supplier via email.

The Driver Defect Portal enables drivers to alert the shop manager and technicians of any equipment issues with trucks. Defects are then prioritized and repaired, minimizing downtime.

Techs work time is tracked by the system in real time, eliminating errors. When work is complete techs transmit the RO seamlessly back to the manager who then quickly completes it.

EMDECS is a no touch contact-free system that helps your people safeguard against viral diseases that have killed so many victims recently.


See How it Works
The system improves shop productivity and much more. Its benefits are undisputable. Contact us today to arrange a demo.

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