US National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

This year America will celebrate truck driver appreciation week September 12 to 18, 2021. In the US some 3.5 million truck drivers are made up of men and women who work year in and year out just to bring us everything we ever need or want. And they do this asking only to be respected for the difficult job they perform. Nothing else necessary.

A good many Mexican and Canadian Truckers negotiate US border crossings to bring goods to American businesses and stores. These people also deserve our respect and a huge “thank you for all you do for us”.

Pandemic Trucking

When the corona virus paralyzed the world American, Mexican, and Canadian truck drivers heroically stepped up and transported everything from food to vaccines in an all-out effort to keep America in business and to supply households with desperately needed goods. They did an admirable job despite their long hours of alone time and in harsh climates and bad weather. For truck drivers, the show must go on.

Do they complain? Sure they do; but not to you or I, just between themselves. So, during National Truck Driver Appreciation Week truck stops throughout the nation will be offering our trucking heroes discounts and merchandise deals as thanks for excellent service.

Safe Transportation by Trained Professionals

Pickup and delivery of goods is carried out safely and securely by these trucking professionals. Men and women truck drivers have attained proficiency in their trade through rigorous training and upholding professional standards. They are schooled on rules of the road and on compliance with numerous laws and safety standards.

Truck Driver Appreciation Week is held every second week of September each year in the U.S. to honor these daring women and men who know that despite delays and other hardships they are appreciated in North America and throughout the world. We live in a world that runs on transportation of freight and truck drivers make it roll.

But every trip puts them in danger. Still, to truckers every trip is a new adventure no matter where they are going or what they are hauling. The goods must be delivered on time if possible.

Stuff Happens

Today’s trucks are technological engineering marvels with multiple onboard computer systems to control various functions in the vehicles. However, trucks are not perfect. They still utilize myriads of moving parts which are all subject to wear and tear failures despite rigorous preventive maintenance inspections and repairs.

Unfortunately, trucks are still prone to breakdowns which will often strand a driver miles from help and often without creature comforts like temperature control. Most drivers have stories of being stuck on the side of a road waiting hours for help to arrive in the form of a mobile repair truck or a tow truck. After all, the average truck driver covers 100,000 or more miles in a year. Stuff happens, you know.

What Can We Do?

If you know a truck driver, send her or him a thank you card and be sure to acknowledge that they mean something to you for all they do. If you live near a truck stop or are on the road travelling stop in to a truck stop restaurant and chat up a professional truck driver. They’ll appreciate the contact as most of their time is spent alone without communication.

To gain a loyal friend you might pay for a driver’s meal. That’s something that doesn’t happen often enough. Drivers have road expenses to cover and they quickly add up. That driver will be broadly beaming while telling all his friends about you.

National Truck Driver Appreciation Week is just that: only a week. Hardly enough for all they do for us and never known by the general public. But if the trucks ever stop rolling we will notice it almost immediately with widespread shortages of all our favorite goods. Let’s not ever let that happen.

Instead, let’s celebrate our cherished truck drivers and always show them respect and gratitude for all they do for us 365 weeks each year. Thank you truck drivers.

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