Know the status of your fleet at all times – from GPS location, video dash cams, engine diagnostics, and more! 

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Better Your Operations

What Telematics Can Really do for You.

BrightOrder Telematics serve a variety of customers all with their own tracking needs. We are dedicated to working closely with you to ensure the solutions we provide fit the exact needs of your operation. 

Our goal is to provide you peace of mind when it comes to your drivers, your assets, your operations – your business. 

Dash Cameras

You need a way to ensure your drivers and assets are protected out on the road. In case of an accident, there can’t be any confusion about what happened and who was at fault. Our dash cameras and integrated software make this a simple solution for you to prevent future issues.

GPS Tracking

You need to know the status of your fleet at all times, from navigational information to engine status. Our software allows you to track maintenance, give drivers the navigational information they need, and provides reporting of everything going on out on the road.


SHIELD is an an innovative stolen vehicle recovery solution. This device is designed for ultra-low consumption with deep sleep modes in the micro-amps. It is also designed for deeper building penetration for better cellular coverage than any other solutions on the market.

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For Every Industry. Every Need.

Telematics devices work wonders for a variety of industries to meet a variety of needs. Even if you don’t see your industry listed below, we’d love to chat and we’ll be honest about whether we can help accomplish your goals!

No matter vehicle size or distances covered, all trucks these days should be equipped with the best devices to protect your drivers, your assets, and your business.
When vehicles are left on the lot or on the job, you can have 'eyes' on them at all times. When they break down you can get a picture why before heading out. Peace of mind for your vehicles.
Oil & Gas
When you have specialty vehicles in hard to reach, hard to communicate areas you need a trustworthy system that can communicate clearly to know exactly what's going on and what needs to be done.
Mobile Maintenance
When you have vehicles broken down roadside, or in the middle of a hard to reach job site how much time - and money - can you save by knowing what's gone wrong before you get on site?

Customized Solutions.
On Your Terms.

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Get Exactly What You Need.

Unlike many other telematics systems, BrightOrder will serve you on a month-by-month basis with no long-commitments. Our all inclusive pricing model allows you to accurately forecast to your budget without surprises along the way.

Simple & Reliable

Our software and hardware is easy to use. No more fumbling with complicated interfaces or confusing equipment. The interface has a fast response, and is customizable to suit your needs.

Secure & Nimble

Plus, all of our services operate on a private network that is more nimble and more secure than that of our competitors. Our equipment works with a static IP address, making your data consistent and reliable.

Boost Your Bottom Line

People who choose us are relying on our systems to improve productivity, extend longevity, track tire usage, and generate historical maintenance records for fleets.