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ELD & Telematics

Why ELDs?

The ELD (Electronic Logging Device) was created to replace paper log books which have been used for decades by truck drivers to track their RODS (Records of Duty Status) for reporting to FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) as required by law.

There are several reasons for the switch to the ELD, the most prominent being the tamper proof technology that prevents the abuse of using paper logs to adjust driving hours and falsifying records to appear legally in compliance with regulations, an all too common practice back in the day.

When the ELD is used in conjunction with Telematics which automatically collect and report on truck data such as vehicle location, speed, fuel consumption, driving habits, hard acceleration, harsh braking, and truck diagnostics, fleet management personnel are able to recognize and correct any inefficiencies and become far more productive, profitable, and compliant, reducing violations and penalties while keeping sleepy drivers off the highways. Safer roads for all, including the motoring public.

Simplified Tracking & Compliance

Reducing Driver Coercion

With the ELD HOS is completed through a connection from the truck engine control module to automatically track driving times. The ELD keeps drivers from being coerced or harassed and keeps tired drivers off the highways. Safer for all. And drivers will appreciate not having to fight sleep while driving. Happy drivers reduce driver turnover for your fleet.

Tamper Proof HOS

Drivers can no longer falsify Hours of Service in an effort to gain more miles in a shift. This reduces violations and penalties and gets fatigued drivers off the highways for safety sake.

Encouraging Good Driving Habits

With all the data collected through Telematics, management is able to coach drivers with bad habits into becoming safer and more efficient personnel. Then management can reward safe compliant drivers who save fuel and reduce necessary maintenance issues.

ELDs Level the Playing Field

With all drivers maintaining compliance, competition is fairer. Shippers and receivers understand that technology rules in transportation now.

Drivers will be less likely to experience abuse from unruly people when loading/unloading. Shippers and receivers are beginning to understand that late pickups and deliveries are the nature of the business now.

We can thank the ELD and Telematics for that. 

Data is stored on our oracle servers which means you do not need to be concerned about data loss, recovery or crashes on hardware devices as this can be accessed anywhere at any time and is not tied to a specific device.