Manage Better

EMDECS for Repair Shop Management

Visibility & Traceability

EMDECS works in real time, so that from the moment a user logs in, it’s recording and analysing that information in the background of use. This in turn promotes the ability for a service manager to log into EMDECS and have a LIVE overview of your entire operation and real time data reported back to you across specific areas of the business. EMDECS allows you to view each technician’s LIVE activity via a service board. Much like that of which you see in an airport, the service board displays an array of information that includes;

  • Technician status
  • Unit(s) being worked on
  • How long the unit(s) have been in the shop
  • How long technician(s) have been working on the repair order against it’s estimated completion time
  • Parts that have been added to a repair order
  • Any additional notes added to the job

Dedicated Technician Portal

Digitized Repair Orders

Save yourself from having to decipher technician's handwriting. Have them fill in everything through the system and have clear, easy to understand repair orders that can be automatically turned into invoices upon approval.

Real-Time Tracking

Have the system track repair times automatically. As soon as a technician signs onto a job, time is tracked for each labour activity. Use this for analysis of your best techs or for customers who want to understand every detail of the work performed.

Easy to Learn, Simple to Use

A complicated, hard to learn system is not another thing you need added onboarding new technicians. Get them up and running in no time with embedded training videos and a system that was designed from the beginning with and for technicians.

Inventory Management

It surprises us to find out how many workshops have yet to set up an inventory management system. We don’t blame them, we know there’s already enough going on to manage, but the handling of inventory is vital across workshop operations. It is important to know what is being used, when, by whom and on what job. Tracking thousands of dollars of parts is a must to understand the level in which that cost of the business is being used and returned. With improved inventory management you can:

Simplified Standards

VMRS Coding

Heavy-Duty Vehicle Fleet Maintenance VMRS Coding Standards are built into the system. Each code is represented by it's own icon to allow you to find what you need, faster.

Warranty Campaigns

Create warranty programs for equipment and parts. Warranty claims are automatically triggered and are reviewed and processed in our Warranty Manager system.

Complete ROs

Have one centralized Repair Order (RO) where you can track technician repair times, labor activities, parts usage and more - all in real-time from any device connected to the internet.

Simplified Accessibility

EMDECS is a cloud based system. This means that you do not require hardware to install and run EMDECS nor do you require any person to manage that hardware. It allows use of the system via any internet connection, whether that be PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet. EMDECS can be used on scene to schedule and report back to the shop of the unit to be brought in prior to arrival with a diagnosis ahead of time and reduce downtime required.

Data is stored on our oracle servers which means you do not need to be concerned about data loss, recovery or crashes on hardware devices as this can be accessed anywhere at any time and is not tied to a specific device.