Servicing and Repairing Emergency Vehicles

Firetrucks and Rocket Science

Servicing and repairing emergency vehicles is almost like rocket science. Firetrucks have so many complex and sophisticated systems onboard that utilize the latest technological advances to aid firefighters in their lifesaving and property containment efforts.

That is why in North America and the world over Emergency Vehicle Technicians (EVTs) must undergo rigorous training regimens to earn the EVT certified designation. Their heavy truck training and repair experience is just the beginning; they also must be proficient in hydraulics, electronics, aerial equipment, foam dispensing equipment, plumbing and other technology based systems.

Due to the complexity of Fire Vehicles EVTs must also pass Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) exams and EVT exams in order to achieve each level of certification. And because the firefighting industry always needs to be using the latest technology, the playing field for EVTs is ever changing. Frequent updated training is often required.


Fire Vehicle Maintenance

Preventive maintenance on fire vehicles must be frequent and highly involved to ensure all mechanical and electronic systems and equipment are functioning properly to reduce the likelihood of unscheduled downtime and to protect the safety of firefighters. Avoiding time consuming repairs is paramount.

EVTs often feel they are “under the gun”  when downtime does happen because necessary repairs must be diagnosed quickly and carried out with haste as the next emergency can occur at any time and often without warning. But when an EVT completes a repair quickly and correctly they feel a sense of pride and accomplishment.




At BrightOrder Inc. we created EMDECS and optimized it for heavy duty firetruck maintenance and repair facilities, and their shop managers and EVTs.

EMDECS is our cloud based software shop management system capable of handling multiple shops in various locations. It empowers managers and EVTs through enhanced productivity. EMDECS eliminates all the cumbersome paperwork; it’s all done digitally from creating repair orders to issuing and transmitting invoices and all other operations in between. And with digital records storage you get rid of the need for all those file cabinets.

Our shop management software enables managers to instantly transmit ROs to technicians to assign work to them. And they do it without leaving their desk. Techs can be trained and up to speed on EMDECS in 30 minutes or less. The software tracks tech work in real time.


Improved Productivity

Techs are able to use any device with an internet connection and a browser to navigate the system. They have everything they need at their fingertips. Assigned work is clearly displayed, finished clean, and transmitted back to management without the need for rewriting smudged paper work orders.

Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS) heavy-duty fleet repair codes are displayed as one-touch icons saving techs from endlessly searching long lists for the right codes. Finding the appropriate codes with these visuals is quick and easy. EMDECS contains embedded icons especially for fire vehicles.

Maintenance records are stored by EMDECS and can instantly be reviewed at any time. And VMRS codes are automatically applied to the RO ensuring accurate professional invoices to present to your clients.


Manage Inventory with Ease

Ensure you never run out of frequently used parts. Keeping them on hand saves time. Using the software, issue and transmit a purchase order and it will generate a pdf you can store physically or digitally.

Sometimes suppliers may be out of stock on some of the items you requested. EMDECS partial receiving feature tracks part numbers even if they arrive in separate shipments so you never pay for something you didn’t receive.

Using the Accounts Payable Invoice screen you quickly process vendor invoices whenever they arrive.

EMDECS automatically provides recommended parts ordering lists based on what your techs used recently. You can even set minimum and maximum stock levels on parts you use frequently so they are always on hand when you need them.


What Customers Say About EMDECS

Jason Dinkel, Operations Manager at Golden State Fire Apparatus says “We have a lot of high pressure demands on our time and our resources and we needed a software system that helped us provide that high level of service, dependability and reliability. We chose EMDECS and we are so pleased that we did”.

Clayton Berg, Owner and General Manager of Superior Equipment says “With moving over to EMDECS we’ve been able to track repairs better and help customers understand what’s happening to their firetrucks when they’re here. With real time reporting, we’ve also been able to track parts better and their use to help us build better min/maxes and allow us to bring in the correct inventory. With all this being implemented in our company we’re helping our customers keep their equipment on the road”.

EMDECS by BrightOrder Inc. is designed and developed to simplify the lives of maintenance and repair managers and EVTs. Our software systems are used by clients throughout North America, UK and Europe.

We know firefighters are every day heroes. They’re the men and women rushing toward fires, never away. But we also recognize EVTs as the persons that keep firetrucks rolling and in doing so are truly unsung heroes of firefighting the world over. You may not be called front line workers but because of your work, front line workers can be good at doing theirs.


One More Thing

So far the 21st Century has been fraught with health hardships and tragedies from raging contagious viruses. So we mask up and social distance. And with EMDECS you get a no touch, contact-free management system to help keep your people safe and healthy.

Let us show you how EMDECS can facilitate your shops and lighten the load for you and your people. Contact us today for a demo. You won’t be disappointed.

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