EMDECS Service Board

A simplified Service Board so you can review everything going on in your shop, in real-time

  • Quickly Create Repair Estimates
  • Schedule & Assign Work to Service Technicians all from within the System – no more paper ROs
  • Monitor Arrivals, Departures & Work in Progress
  • Monitor Multiple Repair Shop Locations
  • Quickly Review all Technician & Unit Statuses 
  • Stream the Service Board in your Waiting Room for Customer Convenience 

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Centralize Your Operations in One Place

Digitized Repair Orders

Save yourself from having to decipher technician's handwriting. Have them fill in everything through the system and have clear, easy to understand repair orders that can be automatically turned into invoices upon approval.

Real-Time Tracking

Have the system track repair times automatically. As soon as a technician signs onto a job, time is tracked for each labour activity. Use this for analysis of your best techs or for customers who want to understand every detail of the work performed.

Easy to Learn, Simple to Use

A complicated, hard to learn system is not another thing you need added onboarding new technicians. Get them up and running in no time with embedded training videos and a system that was designed from the beginning with and for technicians.


Repair Orders, Inventory Management, Preventative Maintenance & so much more!

For EMDECS, this is just the tip of the iceberg! Our platform is incredibly robust and offers a multitude of solutions for you fleet maintenance and management needs. If you’re currently using a number of different software solutions and/or handwritten methodologies, it’s time to consider a one-stop shop solution. Our EMDECS experts will be happy to learn more about your needs and walk you through how our software solution can be scaled and tailored to meet the specific needs of your operation.