Revolutionize How you Handle Inventory

Make Inventory Issues a Thing of the Past

If you’re a maintenance shop manager struggling with lost productivity because of inventory issues, it’s time for you to take a look at EMDECS. EMDECS by BrightOrder Inc. is a fleet maintenance software system specifically designed and built for shops with multiple locations servicing 50+ assets. Among other benefits, it will enable you to manage inventory of parts automatically and with great ease.

Our system boasts experiences with 66,000+ technicians, tracking 65M+ repairs, on 6M+ assets, with over $8.6B in purchases made and managed. With such a rich history behind us we’ve worked decades to build our system to meet all your management needs and wants. We are particularly proud of the way the system can simplify your life as manager.

At BrightOrder we have clients using EMDECS throughout North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia. We spend time to continuously update our applications and we’ve been doing it for over two decades. For gigantic corporate fleets we offer an option to add artificial intelligence to the platform that will change the industry forever.

Parts Ordering and Receiving

Inventory issues are nonexistent with our Parts Ordering and Receiving feature. Need a nonstock part for an upcoming repair? Simply and quickly create a spot purchase order and email it to your supplier to get the shipment on its way. 

Your purchase order will automatically generate a pdf when complete that you can store digitally or physically. If a shipment comes in missing some parts use our Partial Receiving feature to ensure part numbers are tracked correctly even if they arrive days or weeks apart.

Sometimes shipments are lost or delayed. You can easily track outstanding parts by reviewing the purchase order to ensure you get everything you paid for. Complete the receiving and process vendor invoices when they arrive using the Accounts Payable Invoices screen.

Simplified/Suggested Parts Ordering

This feature automatically sends you recommended parts order lists based on recent usage. What could be easier?

We’ve streamlined inventory management to the point where any of your technicians can issue parts directly to a repair order with just a few clicks. The system gives the tech the warehouse location of the parts, saving valuable time. No more searching for parts with EMDECS. Efficiency increases and costs decrease.

Techs Love Using EMDECS

Technicians experience a renewed sense of pride in accomplishing maintenance and repairs quickly. Their customers and drivers leave pleased to be back on the road with less downtime, more uptime.

Happy technicians tend to find the grass greenest where our software rules.

Our Clients Love Our Ongoing Support

EMDECS comes with 24/7 North American based live support, explanatory embedded training videos to get you and your techs up and running at warp speed, and we also offer online or onsite training options.

We provide your business with the best industry support and professional services. And we always go the extra mile to quickly resolve any issue and continuously strive to improve your user experience. We’ll never let you down.

Much More

We’ve focused this post on how EMDECS can simplify and streamline inventory management, but this software does so much more. It’s a comprehensive and complete maintenance management system specifically optimized for heavy-duty truck service and repair.

We deliver EMDECS on the most enterprise level technology available today, with services at an industry leading 99.95% uptime.

Established Partnerships

We’ve forged partnerships with major suppliers to make buying parts a breeze even if you’re handling a major network of shops. For instance, if you buy from the local Kenworth or Peterbilt dealer you’ll love how easy we’ve made buying from the Paccar network.

We know that with EMDECS you and your people will enjoy a heightened work experience and greater productivity that increases shop revenue.  Contact us today to schedule a demo. It could be life changing.

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