Retaining Good Shop Technicians

Tips for Retaining Good Shop Technicians

Good Technicians always want to do their best work. When it comes right down to it, they are your bread and butter. Never forget that they are only human, they have feelings. And they want to know that their work matters. They want to be appreciated.

We Know Techs

At BrightOrder Inc. we’ve worked with over 66,000 technicians, performing north of 65 million repairs using our EMDECS software. We know things about techs from our experiences with them.

Before the pandemic we regularly sent out customer service representatives to train and onboard technicians all over the continent. And we will be again when it’s safe for all. 

Doing so has given us hands on experience and understanding of how techs are actually using the software, what they need and like best and what needs to be changed in future updates to make their work lives easier and more productive.

EMDECS was designed and built for shops with multiple locations and fleets from 50 plus assets and can handle fleets of 80,000 plus units. It’s a complete shop management software system that we continuously work to update to the latest technology. And it’s specifically optimized for heavy-duty trucks and trailers.

Keep Techs from Feeling Underpaid

A great way to show appreciation is with a comprehensive pay package, including salary, healthcare benefits, paid holidays, paid training, and bonuses for their achievements. The feeling of being underpaid is one of the top reasons behind tech turnover.

Technicians are savvy; they know how much revenue they generate for you. Let them know you value their expertise. Find out what other area shops are paying and find a way to sweeten the pot for your people. Some large shops offer employee stock ownership programs (ESOP) as a means to keep techs happy. And happy techs are far less likely to leave you. 

Pair a young, new recruit with a veteran mentor-one with a positive outlook-for training and orientation purposes. Let the newbie know the length of time allotted for the training. Keep the communication lines open and let the recruit know how he or she is doing.

Your Techs are Professionals

Treat all your techs like professionals; they deserve it. Provide special training to those who want to become specialists in their field. And keep an eye out for techs looking to advance their careers, perhaps into management roles or as trainers. Foster their growth and reward their good work.

EMDECS Technology

Technology is ever-changing the world, and that includes within shops that repair heavy trucks and trailers. Give your techs the gift of technology. Get them working with EMDECS. It will streamline their workflow and make them more productive by eliminating their need for paperwork.

That alone means they spend less time navigating the system and more time performing actual repairs and maintenance. And that generates more billable hours and in turn revenue for your shop.

Techs will gain a renewed sense of pride in their work. Truck owners and drivers will be back on the road in less time and you and your techs will be the heroes. That is certain to generate qualified referrals for your shop.

If your shop is still using paper records you’re leaving money on the table and it’s driving out the door with every work order you and your people process. EMDECS can change that for you.

Contact us today for an EMDECS demo. We’re confident you’ll be in awe at how it can streamline your shop and your life.

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