Pumping Up Your Shop’s Customer Relationships

Story Time

A former shop tech we spoke with related his foray into the world of truck repairs and maintenance.

“As a kid I was fascinated with cars, but more so with large transport trucks. Growing up in a region of Ontario, Canada well known for growers of vegetables I was surrounded by these incredible, eighteen – wheeled, smoke belching beauties.

“I had a few jobs that didn’t entertain me, then landed one with a used car sales company with a single elderly mechanic who wanted an apprentice to serve under him. Gradually I learned much about diagnosing and repairing autos under his expert guidance. And diagnosis was the key to making money in the used car business. If a single sparkplug was bad I was expected to isolate which one and replace just it. Cheaply.

“It wasn’t until I signed on with the local International truck dealership that I learned how important it was to maximize uptime, instead of just cheap patching. It was not an easy habit for me to overcome, but gradually I succeeded and stopped trying to save customers’ money by just applying bandages.”

Cultivating Relationships with Customers

Customer relationships depend on so much more. Saving on customer repairs and maintenance is only a part of the equation. Honesty and integrity are also important. Thorough inspections by well-trained technicians who can point out signs of potential failures and correct them is another key element to preventive maintenance.

Repairs on the road due to an overlooked problem cost far more than replacing a part during a routine maintenance inspection. Road repairs may need to be handled by a mobile technician or sometimes by towing the vehicle to a shop. The cost of both scenarios is often far greater than repairs done during maintenance. And then there’s the downtime of a customer’s vehicle causing related loss of revenue.

Why Customers Depend on You

Your customers know what it costs them when something fails while away from the terminal. They depend on you to help them avoid road repairs. You gain their trust not by skimping or cutting corners. You foster trust by being honest about needed repairs and that saves them money in the long run. That builds strong relationships with customers and that’s what brings you loyal patrons.

Loyal patrons spread the word about how trustworthy and successful your shop is at providing maximum uptime, keeping your trucks and drivers generating positive revenue for them. That brings your shop more revenue and increased success.

Delivering Uptime is Key

Whether you manage a fleet maintenance and repair shop or handle outside customers or both, being able to provide dependable uptime through PMs is your key to success. And don’t be afraid to blow your own horn when you communicate the savings that will come in the long run by your shop and its techs. Communication helps to solidify customer relationships. Always remember that constant contact will keep your shop top of mind by your customers. They need to hear from you.

At BrightOrder Inc. we have decades of experience with forging customer relationships. Our customers are in the truck repair business in many countries spanning the globe. Many are fleet shops, others manage independent repair shops using our flagship truck repair software management system. It’s called EMDECS, well known for streamlining and simplifying shop management.

EMDECS has the power to enable shop personnel to rid themselves of outdated procedures while saving time and money and increasing productivity to allow a shop to handle more repair work. Service Managers, Parts Managers, and shop techs love using our system. It comes complete with embedded training videos to get your people up to speed quickly and easily.

Your customers will love to see you using the cutting edge technology of EMDECS. Contact us today for a demo. And pump up your customer relationships with EMDECS.

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