More EMDECS Updates

More EMDECS Updates

If you’re using the EMDECS shop management system and your fleet employs Owner Operators, or if you perform repairs on outside Owner Operator customers you need to see and use the new Owner Operator Module. It is one of several new updates already in use on EMDECS.

A truck’s repair history is vital information that your shop must have at hand before starting a new repair on an O/O vehicle. All too often it’s difficult to obtain. Of course, some O/Os are meticulous about record keeping and will pull a file folder from their truck’s sleeper compartment. Unfortunately these business persons are few and far between.

Many O/Os are so busy picking up and delivering loads that they actually let the record keeping business end of trucking slide, put off until a better time. But a better time never comes. Records need to be documented and stored immediately when they occur to ensure accuracy and be ready for tax reporting.

The result is that most O/Os will have to pull truck repair history from memory, which sadly is usually fraught with gaps and misses and leaves your people trying to fill in the blanks which is very unproductive. This leaves the techs or managers searching through old individual records to assemble vehicle history.

Having factual and complete truck repair history is key to quick and accurate diagnosis and repair, making techs’ work much easier. It is also needed when creating PM schedules and checklists for new O/O customers.

View Vehicle History with Owner/Operator Module

Now with the EMDECS O/O Module you can enter the truck’s VIN number and the module will scan all repairs performed in your shop and provide up to date history at your fingertips. If you check off the “Authorize for VIN Lookup” option the module will make repair history available to other interested parties, for instance parts managers and will allow access to other shops where repairs were performed.

The totally new EMDECS O/O Module is already available and in use on the system. It’s another way for EMDECS to increase shop productivity by speeding up workflow. And the new module is also available on the EMDECS Mobile App, making it easy to access repair history for any vehicle any time.

QuickBooks Integration

Another Quarter 1 innovation is the integration with QuickBooks Online to further speed up and simplify workflow. No more searching through endless invoices to make sure none have been duplicated or overlooked. All invoices are now replicated automatically on the user’s QuickBooks account. No tedious record keeping.

QuickBooks users will find all their invoices retrieved and in one place, saving time and avoiding duplication or missing data. More improved productivity and security for EMDECS subscribers.

New Approval Setup Wizard

Now managers can simply set up and manage approval permissions with this new update. Set system approval levels for each customer. Any invoices less than the auto approve level will skip the approval process and automatically be invoiced, avoiding the manual approval process.

 And you can set approval levels for each individual employee. Use the toggle option to turn on and off approval permissions as needed. Save precious shop time and customer downtime with this approval setup wizard.

BrightOrder Works for You

At BrightOrder Inc. we are constantly striving to improve EMDECS so that your shop can improve all round performance and increase throughput. We work hard to make your shop more productive through innovation. We want you to know and believe that we have your back. More updates to come in future posts; watch for them so you can bring your people up to warp speed.

If your fleet or repair shop isn’t yet using EMDECS maybe it’s time you took a good look at what it can do to streamline your shop and improve productivity. Your bottom line is at stake. Contact us today for a demo and see what the future can be.

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