OpEx, not CapEx

Letting BrightOrder manage your critical IT services reduces capital expenditure for hardware and software – and turns them into operating expenses. This reduces your financial exposure from investments in technology and allows you to focus investments where they deliver business value.

Timely Resolution

We monitor everything. At all times.

This reduces the risks of technological failure and means that where problems appear, our team can resolve them before they become a business risk.

Ongoing Upgrades

Our managed services rely on the latest and greatest information technology so your business doesn’t need to. Using our managed services mean you’re IT operations are continually upgraded to meet the needs of your business.

Technical Excellence

We have more than 25 years of experience in the transportation, fleet and logistics industries, giving you the peace of mind that we know your business – and the technology required to build and operate a successful business in them.

Scalability On Demand

Businesses change and your IT infrastructure does too. BrightOrder’s Managed Services allow you to scale up or scale down your infrastructure as your business needs it.

Focus on Core Activities

You’re in the business of transportation – not in the business of IT. Letting us take care of your information technology allows you to focus on your core business activities.