International Roadcheck May 4-6

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA) inspection blitz will occur in early May and the best way to pass inspection is through proactive vehicle maintenance and by readying drivers ahead of the check blitz.

Last year’s Roadcheck resulted in out of service violations for vehicles because of lighting issues. And for drivers, hours of service violations put them out of service. So, this year the focus of inspections will be lighting of vehicles and hours of service for drivers.


An International Effort

Certified officers of Canada, the United States, and Mexico will be conducting the inspections throughout their jurisdictions in a coordinated effort to make roads safer for all. Inspections will be performed on commercial vehicles built to carry property and also on vehicles for carrying passengers.

All inspectors in North America will conduct Level I inspections of trucks and buses based on information created by CVSA in the North American Standard Inspection Program. These officers look for violations according to the National Standard Out-of-Service Criteria. When a vehicle is placed out of service it cannot return to its trip until the defect is corrected.


Get the Cheat Sheet

If you don’t already have it we suggest you download and print the North American Standard Roadside Inspection Vehicle Cheat Sheet for your maintenance program. It details what is examined in the roadside inspection so you will know what to look for on your vehicles to avoid an out of service violation.

If your trucks or buses are equipped with electronic logging devices make sure your drivers know how to present hours of service to inspectors to avoid a driver out of service.



CVSA has an App available in the App Store or Google Play with which carriers can purchase the new 2021 CVSA Out-of-Service Criteria and access them with mobile devices. To download the app search “CVSA” and select “CVSA Out-of-Service Criteria”. Once downloaded you’ll be instructed to set up your account.

The 2021 new CVSA Out-of-Service criteria come into effect as of April 1, this year. If you already have the app you can use it to update it. To do so when you already have the app, search and select “CVSA Out-of-Service Criteria” which will enable you to update your app and receive an option to purchase the new 2021 criteria.


Goal is Road Safety

It’s important for us all to realize and remember that inspectors are not looking to discipline drivers or carriers. Rather they are performing the service of uncovering safety issues that could result in unsafe conditions for us and others on the road.

They also want to continue to educate drivers and carriers on specific topics that are often misunderstood such as who is or is not exempt from having and using an electronic logging device. Inspectors will continue to stress the importance of driver walk around daily inspections of vehicles in their charge.

Pre-trip and post-trip inspections need to be carried out in earnest by drivers. Ensure that your people are serious about their routine inspections. Even these daily inspections can uncover issues that need to be corrected, thereby reducing injuries and deaths. It’s all about safety for everyone on the road.



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