All-In-One Truck Fleet Management Software

Eliminate manual errors and centralize operations without the hassle of juggling multiple systems, with EMDECS.

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Avoid Complex
Trucking Software Systems

EMDECS is intuitive and easy to use—it’s a centralized system for all-in-one fleet management, eliminating the need for multiple confusing systems and offering dedicated user portals.

Access All Fleet
Maintenance Tools

EMDECS offers a full suite of tools, including repair order management, inventory tracking, PM scheduling, work order management, asset tracking, reporting, analytics, and integrations.

Seamlessly Scale
Your Fleet Management

EMDECS effortlessly adapts and scales alongside your fleet, accommodating expansions and optimizations, ensuring smooth operations regardless of the size or complexity of your fleet.

How does EMDECS Simplify
Your Fleet Maintenance?

Streamline Operations

Centralized System for All-in-One Fleet Management

Automate Tasks

Automated Repair Order Management and PM Scheduling

Enhance Visibility

Real-Time Inventory Tracking and asset management

Data-Driven Insights

Customizable reporting and Analytics Tools


Growing with your fleet without Compromising Performance


Intuitive design and dedicated user portals for easy navigation


Comprehensive Features without additional modules or licenses

Mobile Management

Accessible with any internet-enabled device.

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Your All-In-One Fleet
Maintenance Management Software

Key Features

  • Repair Order Management
  • Preventive Maintenance Scheduling
  • Inventory Tracking and Management
  • Asset Management
  • Work Order Management
  • Reporting and Analytics Tools
  • Integration with Telematics Companies
  • Integration with Accounting Systems
  • User-Friendly Interface, dedicated user portals
  • Cloud-Based Accessibility

Frequently Asked Questions

EMDECS is scalable to accommodate fleets of all sizes, from small to large. Whether you operate a small fleet of delivery trucks or manage a large fleet of heavy-duty vehicles, EMDECS can handle your maintenance management needs with ease.

Yes, EMDECS offers seamless integration with a wide range of telematics devices commonly used in the trucking industry, including systems from industry leaders like GeoTab and Samsara. This integration allows you to leverage your existing telematics data within the EMDECS platform for comprehensive fleet management.

EMDECS streamlines fleet maintenance processes, automates tasks, and provides real-time insights into your fleet’s performance. With features like automated repair order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and detailed reporting and analytics, EMDECS helps you identify inefficiencies, optimize maintenance schedules, and ultimately improve the overall efficiency of your fleet operations.