Stay Connected and Secure with Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking

Compliance and Efficiency with Near-Real-Time Monitoring

Ensure Precision Asset Tracking

You need to know the status of your fleet at all times, from real-time tracking to security alerts.

BrightOrder’s GPS tracking solutions provide near-real-time tracking and secure, cloud-hosted software, allowing you to gain control with precise geofencing alerts for unauthorized vehicle use, strengthening security and peace of mind.

Our integrated GPS in ELD devices eliminates the burden of manual tracking by automatically recording state crossings and providing accurate IFTA reporting.

This streamlined approach reduces errors, ensures regulatory compliance, and optimizes fleet efficiency. 

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Benefits Of GPS Tracking with BrightOrder

  • Near-real-time tracking updates
  • Detailed route history and current vehicle locations
  • Customizable alerts for speeding and maintenance needs
  • Track maintenance schedules by date or mileage
  • Monitor engine hours for timely servicing
  • Integrated reporting for IFTA and compliance
  • Monitor fleet assets at remote sites
  • Track engine hours to manage maintenance and billing for rental vehicles.

Key Features

Detailed route history on maps or spreadsheets

Maintenance scheduling and alerts

Tracking stops for accurate billing

Asset management in remote sites

Customizable reporting intervals

Integrated GPS in ELD devices for compliance and IFTA reporting

On-demand bird’s-eye-view of all current vehicle locations

Geofencing capabilities for unauthorized vehicle use alerts

Various reports: movement, stops, idle time, runtime, and more

Monitoring engine hours for maintenance and billing

Customizable reporting for fleet operations

Flexible data coverage through multiple carriers

North American Based Customer support

Near-real-time tracking

No-contract flexibility

Protect Your Fleet with Enhanced Security and Compliance Measures

GPS tracking ensures your fleet’s security and compliance, reducing risks and avoiding costly fines.

Customer Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

We work with multiple carriers to ensure optimal coverage for your fleet, providing reliable tracking even in remote areas.
Yes, our GPS devices are highly customizable. You can adjust report conditions and timing for individual devices or your entire fleet, and our support team will help you optimize tracking coverage.
Our onboarding and training are completely free. We provide comprehensive support to ensure your system is set up correctly, and our extensive knowledge base offers videos, articles, and more for ongoing assistance.
No, we offer flexible plans with no binding contracts, allowing you to scale your services based on your needs without long-term commitments.

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