Manage Better

EMDECS for Fleet Management

Simplified Workflows

EMDECS includes technicians, service managers, admin personnel and back office staff into the solution, so that all manners of business can be conducted in sync, together, through the platform and takes away any pen and paper processes if you require. This increases efficiency in your workflow as it cuts out menial tasks in individual roles and between different individuals. 

Digital job cards, inspection sheets, note taking, instant messaging in the system and electronic invoicing contributes towards saving time across your entire operation, as well as mitigating risks of loss of information or double entries of data. Most notably your review process becomes completely paperless.

Simplified Invoicing

Electronic Invoices

Create personalized invoices at the click of a button. Once work orders have been approved the completed RO can be automatically turned into an invoice with all the relevant details included for the customer. 

Go Paperless

Paper doesn't only take up space as it adds up in filing cabinets, it takes up time tracking it down. Keep everything digital and have what you need when you need it with a few clicks.

Invoice Reminders

Quickly send e-mail reminders to customers who have not yet paid outstanding invoices - in bulk! Save yourself the need and hassle of reaching out to customers not only manually, but individually.

Simplified Accessibility

EMDECS is a cloud based system. This means that you do not require hardware to install and run EMDECS nor do you require any person to manage that hardware. It allows use of the system via any internet connection, whether that be PC, laptop, mobile phone, tablet. EMDECS can be used on scene to schedule and report back to the shop of the unit to be brought in prior to arrival with a diagnosis ahead of time and reduce downtime required.

Data is stored on our oracle servers which means you do not need to be concerned about data loss, recovery or crashes on hardware devices as this can be accessed anywhere at any time and is not tied to a specific device. 

Reports & Analysis

Schedule, export and email customized reports with just a few clicks. Utilize all the inputted data to the fullest.

PM Scheduling

Track the health of units by setting up and scheduling service, preventative maintenance or MOTs for repeat dates and times at your choosing within the PM scheduling manager and diary outlook.

Unit Repair History

A complete RO history for any of your units at your fingertips. Quickly view past work to see failure trends, or apply incomplete work onto the next RO.