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EMDECS Maintenance Management Software & Telematics Solutions for Heavy-Duty Vehicles Maximizes Your Fleet's Productivity

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Building Better Operations

Fleet Maintenance Solutions to Keep your Trucks on the Road

EMDECS is BrightOrder's flagship fleet maintenance and management software. It comes with a variety of modules to meet the needs of every area of your maintenance operations and runs off any device connected to the internet for ease of access. 

It's goal is to streamline all the areas of your business to ensure minimal vehicle downtime, and provide you with one centralized system where you can easily see and track everything going on in real time. 

BrightOrder telematics is a variety of offerings including GPS Devices, Dash Cameras, Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs), and Tracking/Vehicle Recovery Devices. 

Our telematics aim to help you keep your drivers and assets protected, optimize route planning and fuel consumption, make compliancy easier and more accurate, provide liability coverage - all while being easy to install and easy to use. 

We strive to help serve anyone and everyone who touches fleet management and maintenance operations. From standard transport trucks to specialty heavy-duty vehicles BrightOrder can offer personalized solutions to help better your operation. Our system is extremely scalable, and our customers range from small family run operations with a handful of vehicles to the largest LTL carrier in North America. 

Our solutions are designed with and for owner-operators, fleet maintenance managers, technicians, inventory/parts managers, drivers, back office personnel, and more. 

Our team is happy to setup a free, personalized demo at your earliest convenience. We'll have a brief call to better understand your specific operational needs and then setup a demo of our solutions with you in mind. 

Fill out our quick Request Demo form and one of our team members will reach out to you at their earliest availability. 

"Schwend's service department smoothly shifted to BrightOrder's EMDECS, making tire and maintenance tracking a breeze while cutting paperwork and costs. Techs love the quick access to service history, ditching the paper pile hassle while reducing their environmental footprint. Automated alerts for maintenance and invoicing keep things running slick, keeping drivers in the loop. EMDECS fits perfectly with Schwend's goal: keeping trucks rolling, loads moving, and customers happy, making it a key player in their operations."
Tom Black
Chief Operational Officer, Schwend Inc.

Real-Time Tracking

Track technician labor hours, driver habits, inventory, estimated vs. actual costs, and more in real-time from any device connected to the internet.

Simplified Compliance

Through unit history and detailed recordings in EMDECS or automatic tracking via GPS & other telematics devices, we can remove any extra time spent on handling compliance.

Warranty Campaigns

Ensure you don't miss out on vital cost savings through the Warranty Module for both part and vehicle claims - included with our standard system.

Build Transparency

When you can clearly see everything that’s going on, it is a lot easier to make decisions going forward. Let us help you see the way. 

What We Offer

We want to provide better solutions for everyone and every area of your operations without over-complicating anything. Here’s a high-level overview of how we can make that happen. 

Paperless ROs

Track everything related to ROs in real-time, digitally and see trends in actual hours, parts usage and more.

Dedicated Portals

Portals for technicians, managers, drivers, customers, and more to give your team access to exactly what they need, when they need it.

Compliance Simplified

Reduce stress and time tied to compliance with telematics to streamline IFTA and EMDECS to help with DOT Inspections.

Inventory Management

Automate re-order lists, know where stock is and what's in hand in real-time and manage multiple locations.

Integration Capabilities

McLeod, telematics, and 3rd party accounting integrations and more, all in sync with our system.

Reporting & Analysis

Schedule and automate reports for everything from tech hours to parts to accounting to help identify your operations strengths and weaknesses.