When vehicle maintenance is actually a matter of life and death, ensuring every piece of equipment is ready when the call arrives, EMDECS will come to the rescue. Whether you’re maintaining fire trucks, ambulances or police cars EMDECS will help you serve and protect.

Show compliance to any regulatory standard for every emergency fleet

From the motor to chassis, or on-vehicle equipment, whether you’re reporting to FMVSS, state or local maintenance standards – or industry-specific regulatory bodies like NFPA or OHSA or FDSOA - EMDECS enables you to demonstrate compliance at the touch of an icon.

Custom compliance reporting
Ensure vehicles are maintained to federal, state and local standards like NFPA1921

Cloud-based platform
Access EMDECS on any device with no software installations or updated required

6M+ Pieces of Equipment
25M+ Repair Orders
65M+ Service Events
88M+ Part Replacements

Integrated maintenance and fleet management operations
Optimized workflow designed to connect all of the moving parts in your organization

Intuitive user interface
Designed to make data input easy for technicians, business operations and fleet management

Flexible to meet the needs of your business – and your customers EMDECS has been designed to scale to meet any customer need. It is used by fleet managers and repair shops around the world to support fleet operations from 10 to 10M units. Tell us what you need and we'll show you how EMDECS can support your business.