The Only TRULY Unified Fleet Maintenance & Management Platform

Maintenance + Management

EMDECS is the only platform that has been designed with equal focus on both fleet maintenance and fleet management. The underlying software architecture has been designed to connect the workshop, with dispatch and to connect both to back office operations to creates a digital platform that works the way you run your business.

Integrated Systems

The core EMDECS engine has been designed to integrate with third-party tools, to provide the flexibility to allow you to use the platform with your preferred tools for logistics, SRT, telematics, accounting, and inventory management systems – for example – and manage your entire fleet operations via a single system.

30 Minute Training

Training technicians, fleet managers and back-office team members to use EMDECS takes less than 30 minutes. Our intuitive interface and familiar workflows allow everybody within your business to use EMDECS without weeks of in-depth instruction, enabling the benefits to be experienced in your business quickly.

Compound Efficiencies

Our ethos of ‘the one way, the best way’ is focused on helping fleet maintenance shops and fleet operators to make small improvements to every part of their operations. These small improvements multiplied across a business make a major impact on the efficiency and profitability of our customers.

Powerful Logic Engine

EMDECS has been designed to think the way your team does. Everything it does has been designed to work the way every part of your business wants to work; from repair technicians to dispatch agents, accounts receivable to customer service, the logic inside EMDECS helps every piece of your business operate more efficiently.

Customer Satisfaction

Your success is our success.

Everything we do is focused on helping make your business work more efficiently for the benefit of your team, your customers, and your stakeholders.