• Fleet Maintenance + EMDECS:
    Designing the future of repair events

    EMDECS helps both fleet managers and vehicle repair businesses to optimize every part of their activities. EMDECS has been designed to be the engine of fleet and maintenance operations and our custom-developed models help ensure that your business is firing on all cylinders.

  • Is EMDECS the Right Solution?

    We pride ourselves as having the most comprehensive, one-stop shop software for all your maintenance management needs, while also being the simplest to use. While we could go on and on about how your efficiency will increase, costs will decrease, and so much more, we ultimately want to provide you peace of mind. That is why we deliver EMDECS on the most enterprise level technology available today, and why we’re delivering services at an industry leading 99.95% uptime.

What is EMDECS?

If you operate a truck repair shop or manage a fleet, you can gain better efficiency and management by employing EMDECS. Here are a few of the main benefits from using the EMDECS software.

Preventative Maintenance and Repair History

Anticipating and scheduling servicing, inspections, and vehicle repair is essential to prevent potential problems and maximize vehicle availability.

Service Board and Repair Orders

Whether you operate heavy duty vehicles, repair your own or external customer units, or have specialized on-road or off-road assets EMDECS will streamline all aspects of service and repairs.

Inventory, Parts and Warranty

Managing inventory cost is key to profitability. EMDECS will help you manage inventory levels so that you have the parts you need when you need them without excess inventory stock.

Customer and Driver Portal

EMDECS helps you provide secure information to your customers and drivers through portals. Drivers can receive notifications and review information through dashboards.

Finance and Reporting

EMDECS has baseline information to help you analyze the efficiency of operations. Integrated Inspection Forms are part of the software. You can save technical notes images as part of the asset's record.

Only AI Assisted Platform

EMDECS Artificial Intelligence adds predictive analysis and order suggestions to your day to day operations.

  • Established Partnerships

    Maintaining equipment is more than just software. We make buying from major suppliers a breeze. Over $8.6 Billion has been purchased through EMDECS. And we continue to establish more partnerships to help improve your uptime. Whether you’re buying parts, or handling a major network of garage vendors, we’ll make your purchasing easier and controlled. If you’re a client of the local Kenworth or Peterbilt dealer then you’ll love the way you can order seamlessly from the PACCAR network.

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