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An all-in-one fleet management and maintenance software built to better your team and thus your operation. 

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Better Your Operations

Everything you Need to Better Your Team

This is not another ‘off the shelf’ solution. Take advantage of just our core portals and modules, or expand our solution to meet every area of your business. 

With EMDECS you can build better fleet maintenance and management practices, gain efficiencies across your whole operation and provide your team with a system that helps with the heavy-lifting. 


Better Vehicle Management

EMDECS is an incredibly robust solution that can be tailored to meet your specific operational needs. Below are the cornerstone features of our software that are the core of making you and your team’s work life more streamlined and less stressful.

Paperless ROs

Comprehensive ROs complete with all the relevant info; from technician estimated vs actual hours, parts usage, unit history, and more.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time LIVE overview of your fleet operations from any location with any device connected to the Internet.

PM Scheduling

Set up and Schedule Services, Preventative Maintenance or MOTs. Track the health of your fleet and units with the PM Scheduling Manager.

Reports & Analysis

Schedule customized e-Reports that can easily be exported or sent via email on anything from technician hours to invoicing and parts usage.

Automatic E-Invoicing

Once your order is approved, completed ROs get automatically turned into electronic invoices with all relevant details for you and your customers.

Warranty Campaigns

Automatically trigger work notices for warranty work required on your fleet. Parts are and labour are automatically triggered and added to ROs.

User Portals

Dedicated Portals
for your Dedicated Team

With EMDECS User Portals each member of your team seamlessly gets access to everything relevant to their job – no more, no less.

The Admin Portal permits full use of every feature in the EMDECS. This easy to navigate portal allows you to quickly navigate between tasks from inventory to invoicing and all stored historical data. Shop Managers will find peace of mind knowing everything they need is available here. 

• Track your fleet’s health in real-time

• Access unit repair history in a few clicks

• Automatically schedule and email reports

• Automatically turn approved work orders into professional invoices maintenance and more

• Customize dashboards so you see what’s most important upon login

The Driver Defect Portal is a great tool for ensuring equipment defects are prioritized and repaired quickly to keep loads moving! 

• Accessible via the app or any device connected to the internet

• Generate PDF reports with signature attachments

• Register defects in real time straight back to the defect manager in the admin portal and service board

• Drivers can quickly attach photos of any issues or include additional notes

• Allows drivers to complete an electronic circle check to report vehicle defects

Grant your customer’s access to their own portal and reduce your time spent on the phone or sending emails in order to provide them updates. Allow customers to access and download invoices, view maintenance history, and update their equipment readings (i.e. odometer, engine hours).

• See live updates of the work being performed on their units

• View all maintenance charges incurred by parts, labour or both. Export full data or run graphical reports.

• Quickly find out which units have upcoming preventative maintenance

• Instant access to the repair history of any unit

• Generate bookings, approve or dispute shop estimates, finalize work orders and invoices without ever getting on the phone

The handling of inventory is vital across workshop operations, but it's all to often neglected by many shops. It really helps to smooth operations when you know what is being used, when, by whom and on what job. Tracking thousands of dollars worth of parts is a must to understand the level in which that cost of the business is being used and returned.

• Easily manage multiple warehouse locations, mobile technician inventory, and inventory transfers

• Auto-generate part reorder lists based on recent usage, min/max settings, or based on on-hand counts/audits

• Order and receive parts through your chosen vendors 

• Keep track of linked POs and ROs

• Establish management level approval requirements for specific parts

Easy to Learn, Simple to Use


The Technician Portal

The technician portal keeps techs focused on the work at hand. It provides access to preventative maintenance schedules due, assigned work from service managers and outstanding work not completed previously. 

Additional modules

Customize to Your Needs

EMDECS offers additional modules, portals, and integrations to suit the specific needs of your operations. There’s no true one-size-fits-all in these situation, so let us make sure we give you every possible tool to excel in the areas of business you specialize in. 

Our proprietary accounting module helps you manage invoicing, reminders, customer receivables and vendor payables in one place.
Tires are one of the biggest expenses that fleet operators have to manage. Capture and analyze the complete life cycle of your tires.
Rental & Leasing
Manage rentals and leases from the same place you manage maintenance. Easily handle bookings, reservations, & returns.
Integrate with a variety of other solutions and reduce manual double entry. From McLeod to Telematics & 3rd party accounting systems.

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