Beyond Ordinary: More than just Repair Orders, Inventory Management, Warranties, Campaigns and Preventive Maintenance

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Driving the Future of Fleet Maintenance

If you’re the maintenance manager who operates multiple shifts and multiple shops, with at least fifty vehicles, then boy do we have the system for you. We’re actively handling hundreds of clients of all sizes across North America and Europe, including those with over 80,000+ assets. 

Only AI-Assisted Platform

66,000+ Technicians

$8.6B+ Purchased Through EMDECS

6M+ Assets

65M+ Repair Events Tracked

Visionary Outlook

With our team of forward thinkers, we’ve got an achievable vision planned for our under served industry. As we’ve done from inception, we continue to spend the time to examine each part of our applications, and take in to consideration emerging technologies. We’ve had clients running their maintenance shops over the Internet well before the terms SaaS or Cloud, pre-dating YouTube. Amazon pushed online sales in 1994, and we’ve pushed the most enterprise online maintenance platform since 1996. And now, we’re changing the industry again with AI.  

Zero to Hero in 30 min or Less

For the majority of fleets, technician turnover sits at over 75% per year. For this reason, EMDECS has a carefully designed user interface that enables technicians to get trained and up to speed speed at an incredible rate. Not only can we help you manage your turnover, but we also ensure you capture the right data, the right way in 30 minutes or less. 

Established Partnerships

Maintaining equipment is more than just software. We make buying from major suppliers a breeze. Over $8.6 Billion has been purchased through EMDECS. And we continue to establish more partnerships to help improve your uptime. Whether you’re buying parts, or handling a major network of garage vendors, we’ll make your purchasing easier and controlled. If you’re a client of the local Kenworth or Peterbilt dealer then you’ll love the way you can order seamlessly from the PACCAR network.

Our Concierge Service Team has you Covered

✔ 24/7 Customer Support

✔ Embedded Training Videos

✔ Online or Onsite Training Options

✔ North American based Customer Support

Discover our Support

Our team is dedicated to provide your business with best in industry support and professional services, your time is valuable to us and we always make the extra effort to not only quickly solve any issue but also to continuously improve your experience.

Is EMDECS the Right Solution?

We pride ourselves as having the most comprehensive, one-stop shop software for all your maintenance management needs, while also being the simplest to use. While we could go on and on about how your efficiency will increase, costs will decrease, and so much more, we ultimately want to provide you peace of mind. That is why we deliver EMDECS on the most enterprise level technology available today, and why we’re delivering services at an industry leading 99.95% uptime. 

Our operations span the globe including clients and partners throughout North America, UK, Europe, Australia, and Asia. We have offices in Canada, the United States, UK, Europe and Asia.

6450 Kitimat Road Mississauga, ON L5N 2B8 Canada

1 (888) 205-8817

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