Recover Costs

EMDECS allows you to track key business data, including cores and warranties in order to allow you to prepare accurate invoices and protect revenue from lost & previously unrecoverable costs.

Keep Vehicles on the Road

Reduce unscheduled vehicle downtime by managing PM compliance and ensuring units are maintained to both Federal and industry-specific regulations. Create maintenance reports quickly and easily.

Track Progress of Repairs

Help customers understand what’s happening to their units during service. Real-time repair reporting helps both service managers and customers see the progress of repair jobs.

Seamless Workflow

Manage everything from PO and
customer work-order to closing repair activities via a single screen. EMDECS allows you to provide the highest level of reliability and dependability while helping your shop become more efficient and profitable.

Build Better ‘mins’ + ‘maxes’

Manage inventory and control workflows from PO to customer work order, to completion. EMDECS integrated (inventory management system) lets your technicians do what they are trained to do, not chase down parts.

Maintenance + Management

EMDECS is uniquely positioned to connect both fleet management and maintenance operations to allow you to optimize every part of your business.