EMDECS – Powering Emergency Vehicle Repair Shops to keep First Responders in 10-8!

Service Leads to the Next Sale

EMDECS is designed for emergency vehicle repair shops like yours ensuring that nothing gets missed on vehicle repairs, while giving customers the vehicle service they deserve.

Keep customers coming back by providing emergency service customers with the vehicle service they deserve.

Keeping Vehicles on the Road

Being in the fire truck industry there are a lot of high pressure demands on your time and your resources and you need to help keep your customers vehicles on the road.

The EMDECS software system allows you to provide high levels of reliability and dependability to customers.

Track Progress of Repairs

EMDECS helps you keep track of customer units and helps customers understand what’s happening to their vehicles as you service them.

With real time repair reporting, both your service manager and customer can see the progress of service or repair in real time.

Seamless Workflow

Manage everything from PO and customer work-order to closing repair activities via a single screen. EMDECS allows you to provide the highest level of reliability and dependability while helping your shop become more efficient and profitable.

Build Better ‘mins’ + ‘maxes’

Manage inventory and control workflows from PO to customer work order, to completion. EMDECS integrated IMS (inventory management system) lets your EVTs do what they are trained to do, not chase down parts.

Fire Truck Repair Service Firefighters Deserve

The men and women fighting fires rely on you to perform at your highest level. EMDECS helps you optimize every stage of the emergency vehicle repair service to deliver the results that firefighters deserve.

“We have a parts warehouse that houses over 4,000 inventory parts and we are conducting over 2,000 transactions per month. EMDECS allows us to do so seamlessly.”

Jason Dinkel, Operations Manager,
Golden State Fire Apparatus

“We want to make sure we can keep track of customer units and know what’s happening to them as we service them. EMDECS helps us track repairs better and help customers understand what’s happening to their fire truck.”

Clayton Berg, General Manager,
Superior Equipment

“EMDECS means I can stay working on fire trucks rather than chasing down parts and unnecessary things. It allows me to get trucks back on the road – and that’s the most important thing.”

Drew Frazelle, Mechanic,
Golden State Fire Apparatus