EMDECS Continues to Innovate

EMDECS is the flagship fleet maintenance shop management system of BrightOrder Inc., the first software shop management system to be utilized via the internet in real time. For over two decades we have worked hard to constantly update and improve EMDECS to keep up with advancing technology. And we keep on updating and improving it.

Adding Telematics with Geotab

Of immediate importance to shops is the Quarter 2, 2021 integration of EMDECS with Geotab and its MyGeotab Platform to make maintenance and repairs more seamless. This will allow the MyGeotab Platform to pull live data from your ELDs and EMDECS dashboards to give your shop personnel the heads up on maintenance issues or required repairs on incoming vehicles.

Any driver defects reported on My Geotab will be logged automatically on the EMDECS Work Required Tab making your shop more productive and minimizing downtime. Any maintenance issues that occur to a truck while away on a run will alert shop personnel who can make the decision to have the repair completed at a nearby shop on the road or if it is safe to, complete the repair when the truck returns to the terminal.

Any shop utilizing the Geotag Zones feature will no longer have to worry about checking in units arriving on your lot. They will automatically be logged in upon arrival at your yard, eliminating the need for a manual check in process.

Help with IFTA

The data also provides distance traveled and fuel purchases made in each jurisdiction to simplify and automate IFTA reporting. With the telematics ability EMDECS reports accurate vehicle location and driver hours of service so you always know where your trucks are and the status of their drivers to update customers on timing of pickups and deliveries. And it can prevent violations caused by driving beyond hours regulations.

It also prevents coercion of drivers by dispatchers to extend driving hours past the legal limit in order to make a rush pickup or delivery. Customers are more well-informed of the need for patience these days. Nowadays shipping is a well-oiled machine but within strict limitations.

Evolving with the Pace of Truck Technology

The effects of gathering and transmitting telematics data are reason enough to make you proud to be using the EMDECS shop management system. But BrightOrder is continuing to strive to meet standards of innovative excellence in all our products, including EMDECS.

Employing some telematics with our Geotab integration is a fundamental necessity for fleets in the 21st Century. We no longer have to deal with untimely repair issues where a driver delays or forgets to inform the shop of a maintenance or repair issue. The truck sends the report to shop personnel automatically so your people are ready to handle repairs before they turn into unscheduled downtime and skyrocketing towing costs.

Other Updates to EMDECS

Numerous other updates to EMDECS in Quarter 1 are now active including:

  • Owner/Operator Module
  • QuickBooks Integration
  • Approval Setup Wizard
  • Simplified Technician Time Logs
  • Simplified at a Glance View
  • Initialize Invoices as Paid
  • Counter Sale Alerts
  • Vendor Performance Reports

Watch for upcoming articles describing the features and benefits of these new EMDECS functions in our blog.

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