EMDECS Continues Focus on User Experience

With Time Saving Quarter 3 Updates

As a busy truck repair manager, how many wasted moments – or hours – have you spent checking your email inbox as you wait for a customer’s RO approval or estimate approval? What if your inbox is full or just being overlooked because of so many unread messages?

We know you can’t just stop working while a truck sits idle in that bay. So, you must remove the approval pending unit and bring in the next vehicle for inspection, diagnostics and repair. And work continues to back up.

Now, using EMDECS you can bring up the User Manager Screen and enable texts. This will result in automatic text messages to inform you of an RO approval, estimate approval, that a unit has arrived at your shop, or a unit is ready to go. All this without going through your email inbox dozens of times while waiting so you now save much time through our latest updates.

Other Time Saving New Features

If you’re reluctant to take on a new hire you can now add new users easily with a couple simple steps under Add New Users.

Are you tired of manually entering new part numbers or listing parts used on ROs or POs? Now EMDECS users can scan barcodes into the software. Great for quickly locating parts and for scanning onto shop documents. No more manual entry.

Managing Specialized Fleets

If you’re managing construction equipment, waste pickup or other heavy duty specialized fleets, we’ve made it easier to track assets accurately. On the Unit Master Screen under Unit Details we’ve added new fields for body make and model, additional drop down sub type fields to better specify the equipment type, as well as unit capacity and corresponding unit of measure.

Back on the main screen you’ll find two new tabs to Import Permits and Import Fuel Capacity with downloadable templates so you can bulk upload unit info. Major time and work saver for large fleets who need to keep better track of their assets.

Speeding Up Your Work

We have redesigned the Inventory Transfer Screen with a simplified layout to make it faster. And the Parts Lookup functionality is still searchable by key word. We’ve also enabled barcode scanning for this feature to further speed up your work flow.

Another important new feature is the streamlined Financial Management Screen. We’ve added new filters for Year and Period enabling the system to load much faster and will also help you to find the journal entries you’re looking for without searching through long lists. Another game changer.

Counter Sales Efficiency

When dealing with counter sale customers the new Counter Sale Copy Function makes it easy to replicate recurring orders. If a customer comes in with the same order as one placed earlier, this function simplifies the process. And the copy can be easily edited if a different part or supplier is requested.

Another import feature we’ve added is the Equipment Downtime Reports. It’s a new report for monitoring your equipment downtime. Look under the Fleet Categories section to quickly generate a report to indicate any units down in a given time period. It’s great for helping to identify units with recurring issues.

At BrightOrder Inc. we continue to build features into our EMDECS software system designed to simplify and speed up your user experience. The more we do for you and your shop people the happier and more productive you are. And that makes us happy.

Let us know if you find other ways that we can continue to make EMDECS better for you. Meanwhile, we’ll keep working on updates and new features to simplify your life with EMDECS.

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