If you knew something was going to fail ahead of time, you would fix it.

Canonical AI

Unlike our competitors, BrightOrder’s Artificial Intelligence has been built with an understanding of how fleet maintenance and fleet management works.

Using models and rules EMDECS AI is able to identify key data points in context and make informed decisions and predictions using only the relevant data points.

Faster Decisions

Get insight faster with EMDECS AI.

Our model-based approach to artificial intelligence means that we focus on the data points that matter, significantly reducing compute times and time-to-insight.

EMDECS AI is artificial intelligence developed to think like one of your team but with access to all the data they need.

Predict the Future

The role of artificial intelligence is to help you make better decisions, faster.

EMDECS AI helps you predict the future and take actions to benefit from opportunities and mitigate any potential risks before the competition.