EMDECS + Artificial Intelligence

Revolutionizing the Future of Fleet Maintenance with AI

The Only Pre-Highway Solution

If you knew what was going to fail before it fails, would you do something about it? And should the answer be yes, then the next question is when? While there are many on-highway solutions that help detect on-highway problems – onCommand, TruckTech+, and SmartLinq just to name a few – no one has brought to market AI that specifically targets pre-highway prevention. By the time on-highway systems are safely bringing vehicles off the road, it’s already too late. Why don’t we solve the problem with our pre-highway solution instead? 

Introducing EMDECS, the only AI-Assisted Fleet Maintenance Management product in the world. 

Engineered w/ Purpose

The future of an industry isn’t realized overnight. BrightOrder’s patent protected AI Technology has been over a decade in the making and built with you, the user in mind. Years of work has gone into not only getting the right advanced PhD level engineering models embedded in to our application, but also a massive undertaking to change our screens to capture the right data, the right way to produce meaningful AI results. While other vendors are looking to add AI on their platforms, we’ve been engineering and embedding our approach for a very long time. Since our work is focused on pre-highway, a much deeper level of work is required to achieve this goal beyond just on-highway sensors and operational baselines.

Preventative Maintenance

Early Failure

Demand Based Inventory
vs. Historical Usage

Our Approach

To truly deliver meaningful AI results, you need to start with the end user in mind. You need to capture the right data, the right way in order to get AI results that work. Hence our AI solution starts from getting the technician experience correct. We started with knowing the advanced PhD level engineering models that are needed to elevate our industry, and wrapped our software around this ultimate goal. AI does not work well unless your application was purpose built. Imagine how hard it is to fit ugly data to get results vs. our approach to get beautiful AI enabled data. 

The Largest Repository of Data in the World

6M+ Pieces of Equipment

25M+ Repair Orders

65M+ Service Events

88M+ Part Replacements

Ultimate Results

When applied properly, AI will elevate your fleet in ways you’ve never imagined. Consider the value of having “Early Failure Detection” before your vehicle leaves the yard; how this reduces the workload of business units that deal with on-highway failures; how AI brings together Preventive Maintenance optimization and campaigns to maximize the use of out-of-service windows; getting to demand based inventory management instead of archaic history based models; drastically improving your maintenance budget process by knowing MTTF at the part level; and ultimately helping you with equipment choices from specification to remaining life. 

The Future of the Industry

You need to have both on-highway and pre-highway solutions in place. As a fleet manager, having the best “Connected” OEM or After-market diagnostics solutions is no longer an option; it’s a requirement. At least if a vehicle is going to fail, fail safely. No amount of pre-highway work will ever bring you to the levels of road safety and immediate driver feedback that these systems provide. At the same time, implement our EMDECS AI to influence your pre-highway prevention activities. Create optimized campaigns and PMs with our AI predictions. Ultimately, combine both your on-Highway sensor data with our EMDECS AI to bring the best of both worlds together. On-highway systems can’t improve uptime, only pre-highway intelligence can achieve this.

Is EMDECS + AI for you?

If your fleet is over 5,000 vehicles, and you bulk buy the same set of  replacement tractors, trailers and dollies on an annual basis, then contacting us is a no-brainer. With our patent protected work, we’re the only ones that can embed AI at the core of our work. 

In the near future, AI-Assisted Maintenance practices will be the expectation. Those without AI will be left behind.