Multi-shop Management Simplified

A One-Stop Shop Solution

How do you streamline your multi-location warehouse operations for maximum workflow? Scaling repair shops for multiple locations is essential for your business growth, but it increases your work quantity that can compromise quality.

In this situation, most companies just end up using multiple software to solve different problems that they face. But managing so many software itself is time consuming and inefficient for your business. You need a more sustainable long term solution, a centralized software to manage all your multi-warehouse operations from one location.

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Centralize Your Operations in One Place

Digitized Repair Orders

Save yourself from having to decipher technician's handwriting. Have them fill in everything through the system and have clear, easy to understand repair orders that can be automatically turned into invoices upon approval.

Real-Time Tracking

Have the system track repair times automatically. As soon as a technician signs onto a job, time is tracked for each labour activity. Use this for analysis of your best techs or for customers who want to understand every detail of the work performed.

Easy to Learn, Simple to Use

A complicated, hard to learn system is not another thing you need added onboarding new technicians. Get them up and running in no time with embedded training videos and a system that was designed from the beginning with and for technicians.


Think Fleet Maintenance, Think EMDECS

  • Boost the productivity and efficiency of your workshop on all fronts; vehicle arrival, repair, tracking parts, technician hours, labor activities, invoicing, payments and more.
  • Dedicated portals for everyone involved in the process, namely, the Admin Portal, Technician Portal, Inventory Portal, Accounting Portal, Driver Portal and Customer Portal.
  • Real-time tracking. EMDECS initiates its process of analyzing and recording as soon as it is signed in. Providing a LIVE overview of the entire operation from any location using any device connected to the Internet.
  • Maintain a database of reports for review and analysis in the future. Providing an insight into any noticeable failure trends and incomplete ROs.
  • Equipped with digital jobs cards, inspection sheets, note-taking, instant messaging and electronic invoicing to make the entire operation fully seamless and paperless.
  • Preventative Maintenance Scheduling and Warranty Campaigns to ensure the good health of your fleet and units.