Technician Portal: Mobile Technician Capabilities

So, you’re a workshop that offers mobile repair services, meaning you’ve got a mobile technician and they’ve got a mobile device. But have you found the way to best utilize the two together? This is where EMDECS comes in.  Whether your technicians are working in your shop 20 feet away, or working on-site 20 miles […]

Accounting: Financial System Exports

Apples or Oranges… or Apple or Android?  Mercedes or Volvo?  Quickbooks or Sage Intacct?  Regardless of topic, industry or whatever it is, if you’re a part of that world, you’re going to have a preference. And whatever your preference may be, so long that it works, is really all that matters at the end of […]

Bulk Email Overdue Invoice Reminders

For those managing finances, we’ve implemented a tool to Bulk Email reminders to customers with outstanding invoices. Navigate to the Things To Do column on the AR Manager screen where you can select as few or as many clients to remind them of what they owe. If the select button is disabled for any customers, […]

Technician Self-Assessments: Self Assessment to Ensure Safety

At the start of the technician sign in process, we’ve included a self assessment pop-up to help ensure technicians are following all safety protocols. Whether they’re related to shop practices or pandemic practices, establish a checklist for technicians to read through and agree to before they could clock in on a job. EMDECS is here […]

A One-Stop Shop Solution for Heavy Duty Vehicle Maintenance

Use the data generated by your shop to spot trends like part failures or rework to make EMDECS an active member of your data analytics toolkit. Track your campaigns, warranty claims, driver inspection reports, mobile roadside repairs—everything your shop does.  Whether maintaining a fleet or retail repair shop, EMDECS is a reliable central management system.

Welcome to Reports & Analysis

Analysis is a key point. We collect all of this information so let’s make good use of it.  An array of reports allow shop and fleet managers to stay completely informed of all aspects of the business. Better yet, have important reports auto-generated and delivered to you as often as you’ll need them. Repair Order […]

Welcome to Superior SRTs

Here’s a great idea for efficiency and compliance: Standard Repair Times. These could be as simple as providing jobs in the system pre-setup with Parts and Labour, so that a single click will apply a standard repair time to a repair order.  A larger shop could really benefit from defining standard times for jobs to […]

Welcome to a Preferred Preventative Maintenance System

Preventative maintenance schedules are the cornerstone of a healthy fleet. Set them up and go.  It’s essential to avoiding roadside breakdowns, saving money, and protecting a fleet’s reputation.  If you aren’t managing a fleet directly, EMDECS allows you to manage PMs for your customers. It’s win-win. And to make PMs even more valuable, you can […]