Your Main Contact at Work

Your Main Contact at Work

No matter where you work, if it’s not your own business then someone above you is your main contact every day. For a company truck driver, it’s the dispatcher. For some unknown reason, the least loved person in the trucking company is the dispatcher. You may not know this, but your dispatcher gets that you are on the road and dealing with such delays as detention time, mega traffic jams, bad directions, bad weather, deadlines missed, and issues with the truck or the load. Guess what? So is your dispatcher. They must deal with all your problems and solve their own conundrums at the office, like sick drivers who can’t come to work, truck issues, customer expectations, management expectations, and on and on. Is it any wonder that each of you is stressed close to the breaking point?

Remember What Your Work is all About

You both want to scream into the com box, but you don’t. Because not all days run like the one above. You actually love your truck driving career and the dispatchers are proud of their problem-solving abilities. The point we are making is that the lines of communication must remain open and always in a professional business manner with the utmost respect for each other. Outbursts will lead to regret which only makes each of you feel bad. So, always keep it civil, biting your tongue if you need to. You’ll feel better later and the lines of very necessary communication will remain open, and work will go on as usual.

Walk a Mile in Their Shoes

Truck drivers must make an effort to understand where the dispatcher is coming from, and what their perspective is. Whatever you are feeling at the time, never forget that your dispatcher is always dealing with issues outside of work, perhaps family difficulties, debt issues, relationship problems, and a myriad of others. We’re not saying you should ask them about their lives outside of work. Your main objective is to keep trucking issues on a professional level.

Your Dispatcher is Your Advocate, Maybe the Only One You Have

As a truck driver, one of your many jobs should be to actively work to cement a solid working relationship with your dispatcher. That person is your only go-between for you and customers and also management. They are your conduit to others and to whatever you need to be doing to further your career. Keep the lines open and always maintain composure. There are not many issues that your dispatcher can’t correct. Happy motoring and enjoy the scenery.

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