Understanding Geofencing in Trucking

Why Fleets Need It

Geofencing enables a fleet to set up invisible boxes or perimeters around a truck’s route for the purpose of tracking the shipment from start to finish but broken down into manageable districts for monitoring. It’s used with GPS tracking to facilitate always knowing the whereabouts of the shipment at all times. Alerts can be set up to notify the fleet whenever a geofence is crossed or deviates from the planned route.

Know Where Your Assets Are

The fleet always knows where shipments are through geofence tracking of its assets. Important data can be transmitted and compiled by the fleet and utilized to uncover inconsistencies that need to be addressed or otherwise rewarded for good driver performance. Depending on your system of data collection, be it Wi-Fi, cellular data, GPS, or Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), either can feed the fleet with necessary information.

Ease Your Worried Mind

If your fleet hauls high end freight frequently or even once in a while, until that shipment hits the dock at its destination, you’re sweating bullets because you know it’s subject to pirates who want your freight. With geofencing you can be alerted to contact authorities to track and intercept the culprits. Geofencing can prevent major hits to your fleet. Rest easy with geofencing.

Timing is Everything

When your fleet uses geofencing, it alerts you to whether your shipment is running late or on time and you can give the customer a heads up on the time of arrival at the destination. The receiver can then schedule the offloading time, saving time for both the customer and your driver. And that can reduce detention times. Everyone is happy. Both businesses increase efficiency.

Geofencing is increasingly important to less than truckload (LTL) with multiple drops and pickups. Keeping up on scheduling offloading and picking up speeds things up for everyone in the supply chain, including consumers. Scheduling is easy when using geofencing. It definitely increases the customer experience and expedites the fleet’s trips.

No More Annoying Calls to Drivers

Geofencing provides real time tracking of your fleet’s assets. It effectively deletes the need to phone drivers as everyone is already in the loop. No more distractions for your drivers. The software can also track any driver’s hours of service (HOS) and reduce or eliminate HOS violations which saves citations and helps improve the fleet’s bottom line.

A No Brainer

From where we sit, geofencing and global positioning satellite tracking when combined are a no brainer. If you are a fleet manager and are considering this solution for your trucks, we urge you to search online and request a few demos to see how it will ease your burden and affect your fleet’s bottom line. We’re sure your eyes will be opened to an exciting opportunity.

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