Truck Drivers and CBD

Your job as a Commercial Driver License holder is essential to consumers and the economy. You as a truck driver must always be sharp and at your best when driving with or without a load of freight. Highways are crowded with traffic, safety is your number one priority, and you must be able to recognize danger and avoid it. But long shifts in the saddle tend to morph into chronic aches and pains over time. So, you’ve learned to turn to the latest wonder popular drug: CBD, short for cannabidiol. But as a truck driver, using CBD can be career ending. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll never get caught.

Not All CBD is Pure

CBD is legal in many American States, but unfortunately the oil or lotion you use may not be perfectly safe, especially if you consume it. The problem is that much CBD is made by a process of drawing it from the Cannabis plant and may not be only CBD. It may actually contain traces of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the chemical responsible for producing the high feeling of euphoria. Present production methods of CBD are not always perfect. Thus, pure CBD is not always as pure as it claims to be. What that means for you, trucker friend, is that even trace amounts of THC can and may show positive for Cannabis use on a routine drug screen. This can take you out of the saddle and into a rehabilitation program. That’s not the worst of your condition, if you show positive for THC, you may find yourself fired over it. Good luck finding another carrier to work for with that on your record. Have a heart-to-heart with your doctor.

Pure CBD may not actually be pure and if you’re using it, you are risking a great career. It’s just not worth risking your livelihood and stability over the need for pain relief when instead you may want to search for promising over-the-counter medications or talk to your doctor about safe pain relief such as physiotherapy or an exercise routine for loosening stiff joints and reducing pain. Instead, save your career and your health with solid advice and alternatives. Motor on safely and happily pain free without the insecurity of CBD spoiling it. There are always good alternatives. Motor on.

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