Tire Module: Better Reporting & Inventory Management

We were happy to announce an entirely new Tire Module to the EMDECS system. We’ve added a few more features to make it more robust and to ensure it suits all your needs. 

Firstly, on the reporting side of things, you will find the new Tire Costs and Tire Inventory reports, exportable as Excel Spreadsheets. 

The Cost Report will break down valuable information such as cost per mile, while the Inventory Report captures your current serial numbers, and breaks it down by Brand, Type, Size, and Condition. 

Back on the Tire Module itself, we’ve introduced a fiscal account and inventory adjustment functionality to ensure you’re keeping proper track of your tires. 

Ensure your inventory is up to date by easily checking and adjusting levels as necessary and by indicating where tires have been lost or scrapped due to damage. 

These are just a few of the ways EMDECS is helping to save you more time and increase your operation’s efficiency at every level!

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