This Year’s Big 10-4 on DC

This Year’s Big 10-4 on DC 

The official event begins October 11, 2023, and runs to October 15 at the fairgrounds in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 10-4 D.C. relies on donations, sponsors, and auctions for its existence which is to recognize all truck drivers, promote and support the sisterhood and brotherhood of professional drivers, support family friendliness, improve public awareness of the rigors of trucking, maintain an interest in government affairs, and bolster charities in support of truck drivers in need. 10-4 DC is a recognized non-profit charity.

Equip Yourselves Well

Pack your cooler with drinks and snacks, bring lawn chairs or a blanket for your comfort, sunscreen, umbrella, camera, hand sanitizer, puppy pads or cardboard for under your truck in case of leaks (they happen), and poop bags if you bring your dog and don’t forget the dog food!

Drivers bring their trucks and display them, while fielding and answering questions about all sorts of trucking topics. If you’re curious about anything regarding the trucking life, get them answered at the National Mall, those women and men are proud of the trucks they drive, with many of them owning and operating trucks.

All persons wanting to attend must register before midnight October 10, 2023. You must register to be allowed into the fairgrounds. At 8:00 am on October 11, 2023, for participants to check in, drop trailers and stage for the convoy to the National Mall. At 9:00 pm at the fairgrounds there is an important meeting for drivers to receive instructions for the convoy routing.

At 12:00 am on October 12, the convoy arrives at the National Mall and spends most of the rest of the night with drivers in their trucks waiting to get staged for display. They all know it’s for a great cause, so the drivers also display patience and positive comments.

Kenworth Will Be There

Many vintage Kenworth classic trucks will be part of the display, as well as new models celebrating the 100th year of Kenworth trucks, a rare sight to see and enjoy. Be sure to chat up the drivers and learn about the storied history of Kenworth Trucks. Kenworth Truck Company is also a sponsor of the event.

List of Sponsors of the Event

Trucker Tax Tools

Kenworth Truck Company

Truckers For Christ



Panama Xpress Logistics Newton, Illinois

Truck drivers from all over America have earned the right to showcase their rigs by parking their bobtails on the National Mall in D.C. within steps of the Capitol Building. These women and men are proud of their never-ending service to their fellow Americans. Be sure to show your appreciation of them.

Other events and attractions continue at the fairgrounds in Fredericksburg, Virginia throughout the four-day event. Enjoy and learn from the people who ship all over America. And remember the saying, “If you got it, a truck brought it.” Roll on truck drivers.

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