Thanksgiving as a Trucker

Thanksgiving: Busy Time for Truck Drivers

The current population of the United States is just short of 340 million and a great many Americans will be traveling the highways to enjoy time and traditional holiday dishes with family during Thanksgiving. It’s ironic that so many truck drivers are not able to enjoy time with family because they are working diligently to keep families supplied with turkeys, potatoes, sweet potatoes, vegetables, stuffing, cranberries and other desirables.

In 2022 Thanksgiving, U.S. residents spent over $1 billion (about $3 per person in the US) on turkeys all of which were transported by truck drivers. That translates to over 50 million birds. Of course, that means all those truck drivers will be competing with all other traffic heading for thanksgiving festivities with extended family.

Turkey for Truckers

Most, if not all truck stops will be cooking up turkey dinners for a price as will many restaurants. It’s not the same as being home with family, but at least they can get a taste of a festive meal while on the road tirelessly serving Americans.

If you think turkey is all a truck driver must think about, let’s not forget about all the department stores that must be supplied with Black Friday shipments all over the entire country. Hard working folks drive those trucks with a mission to deliver America’s goods of all kinds because they know they have a duty to do so. They all wish they could be home celebrating with family and shopping together like everyone else. Instead, they push it out of their minds and press on.

Thank a Truck Driver

It’s time we reflect on the amazing service they provide just for us and do something for these unsung heroes. Let us remember that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for our bounty and reflecting on how it always gets to us. One good way to thank a truck driver if you’re on the road yourself is to pop into a truck stop, take a few minutes to chat with a truck driver, and buy that driver a meal to say thanks! That driver will go back to work absolutely beaming and will never forget you. You will always remember the time you spent there. It’s one of those little things that says so much!

All those trucks that get in your way on the highway when you feel that getting to your destination is the most important thing, you may be wrong. Literally everything you own reaches you by truck at some time. Reflecting on that might help to change your opinion of trucks and their drivers. Truck drivers spend precious little time with family while doing their jobs. All they really want from you is your respect and thanks.

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