So, You Want to be a Truck Driver

Truck Driver at the Wheel

There are a lot of things you should to take into consideration before deciding to become a truck driver. With a significant shortage of drivers across North America and Europe right now it can be a lucrative career to get into, but make sure your up to the commitment and have all the best information before diving in head first.

Importance of Truth in Recruiting

Job Interview

Merle Haggard sang the words, “It takes a special breed to be a truck driving man.” Or woman. Drive safely and always be truthful and your position is likely to be enjoyable and lasting.

Tires are a Major Expense

Tires are a Major Expense That Goes for Owner Operators to Small Fleets, to Large Operations One of the best ways to protect your tire investments is by keeping tire air pressure at manufacturer’s specified limits, which generally is different for steer tires, drive tires, and trailer rubber. That means a driver must check tire […]