The Days are Getting Shorter

The Days are Getting Shorter The Days are Getting Shorter And Colder If you’ve been putting off needed truck maintenance, you had better take care of it now. If you continue to neglect your truck for whatever reason, believe it or not, your health may be at risk. For example, if your truck breaks down […]

Truck Driving in Winter

Truck Driving in Winter Truck Driving in Winter      ‘Tis the season once again. Parts of North America are already experiencing winter weather. Time to get our refresher on driving in the slush, ice, and snow. Many of you have. But the driver demographic is changing every year. Some retire and newbies take their places. […]

The ELD is Your Friend

The benefits of the ELD are far reaching. For instance, drivers are required to take regular breaks and sleeper times. No longer being pressured to deliver at all costs, their stress levels drop to more manageable levels. And rested drivers are more likely to be safer drivers. That will inevitably save lives on otherwise dangerous highways.

So, You Want to be a Truck Driver

Truck Driver at the Wheel

There are a lot of things you should to take into consideration before deciding to become a truck driver. With a significant shortage of drivers across North America and Europe right now it can be a lucrative career to get into, but make sure your up to the commitment and have all the best information before diving in head first.

Importance of Truth in Recruiting

Job Interview

Merle Haggard sang the words, “It takes a special breed to be a truck driving man.” Or woman. Drive safely and always be truthful and your position is likely to be enjoyable and lasting.