Trucking Tidbits | Trucking Abroad: Japan

Trucking Tidbits UK | Trucking Abroad: Japan Japan has a unique and diverse truck culture, that’s a mix of practicality, and personal expression. Japan’s cities are often designed to be dense and narrow. After WW2, Car ownership became more and more unaffordable for common folks. Flash forward to the present, in an urban area like […]

Understanding the Role of a Broker

Understanding the Role of a Broker The job of a broker is to marry shippers with carriers. A shipper has a load of freight to be delivered and has no carrier contact, so the broker lines up a carrier to haul the shipper’s load. The broker sends the carrier’s truck to pick up the load […]

Tires are a Major Expense

Tires are a Major Expense That Goes for Owner Operators to Small Fleets, to Large Operations One of the best ways to protect your tire investments is by keeping tire air pressure at manufacturer’s specified limits, which generally is different for steer tires, drive tires, and trailer rubber. That means a driver must check tire […]