For Owner Operators

A truck driver going over his driver vehicle inspection report

For Owner Operators Choosing the Right Carrier to Pull For Much must be considered when choosing a carrier. In the U.S. there are three types of owner/operator lease agreements for signing on with a carrier. These include a lease-purchase agreement, under which a driver pays a monthly fee for agreeing to drive a company-owned truck […]

Behavior-Based Safety

Behavior-Based Safety Bringing Behavior-Based Safety to Trucking Accidents and injuries cost fleets in a huge way. Truck drivers are no exception to health issues of various sorts. Many drivers choose to ignore bad habits that may lead to serious health and safety issues over time. Often drivers must get out of the truck when picking […]

Understanding Geofencing in Trucking

Understanding Geofencing in Trucking Why Fleets Need It Geofencing enables a fleet to set up invisible boxes or perimeters around a truck’s route for the purpose of tracking the shipment from start to finish but broken down into manageable districts for monitoring. It’s used with GPS tracking to facilitate always knowing the whereabouts of the […]