How To Choose An Asset Tracking Software That Saves Time and Money

A fleet manager/operator accessing his fleet management software on his phone

Articles, BrightOrder Updates, Industry Insights How To Choose An Asset Tracking Software That Saves Time and Money Posted by Madeleine Amestoy on January 30, 2024 Introduction If you’re seeking to bolster efficiency and accountability in asset management, selecting the ideal asset management software is a crucial step. By providing pivotal insights and ensuring real-time oversight, […]

Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance While on the Road

Maintaining a Healthy Work Life Balance While on the Road Waking up next to your partner, in the warmth of their presence. Your child’s infectious giggles filling up the room. Scrambled eggs on toast, made just the way you like. And your loyal cat perched contently on your lap. These simple joys at home […]

What made the Terminator 2 Truck Scenes So Special

What made the Terminator 2 Truck Scenes So Special There have been a bunch of super iconic truck scenes in cinema’s history. But few have ever come close to reaching the legendary status of the ones put together in 1991’s Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Let’s break things down to find out just what made […]

A Trucker’s Companion

A Trucker’s Companion They’re cute. They’re fluffy. They’re loyal. And they’re playful! Our beloved canine companions have become increasingly common sightings at truck stops. Besides being cute and lovely, they help reduce stress and provide comfort for drivers away from home.  They’re also great encouragement for going out for walks and getting exercise in […]

Artificial Intelligence Meets Telematics

Artificial Intelligence Meets Telematics Improving Road Safety AI dash cameras on their own can bring down operating costs for any fleet. Management receives driver behaviors, good and bad, in real time and can either arrange coaching or reward good driving. AI dash cams can identify distracted driving and tailgating and send a warning to your […]


BrightOrder Expands Product Portfolio and Enhances Customer Experience through Strategic Acquisition

Weigh Station Woes

Trucks at Weigh Station

Weigh Station Woes Weigh Station Woes Part of every day’s work for truck drivers is entering, and hopefully, exiting weigh stations. Slowing down and crawling through a weigh station costs you money in fuel and time lost. Time is never on the side of carriers hauling freight. Pickups and deliveries are ever on stricter time […]

The ELD is Your Friend

The benefits of the ELD are far reaching. For instance, drivers are required to take regular breaks and sleeper times. No longer being pressured to deliver at all costs, their stress levels drop to more manageable levels. And rested drivers are more likely to be safer drivers. That will inevitably save lives on otherwise dangerous highways.

So, You Want to be a Truck Driver

Truck Driver at the Wheel

There are a lot of things you should to take into consideration before deciding to become a truck driver. With a significant shortage of drivers across North America and Europe right now it can be a lucrative career to get into, but make sure your up to the commitment and have all the best information before diving in head first.

Importance of Truth in Recruiting

Job Interview

Merle Haggard sang the words, “It takes a special breed to be a truck driving man.” Or woman. Drive safely and always be truthful and your position is likely to be enjoyable and lasting.