In a decisive move to fortify its position as a leader in the telematics and dash cam industry, BrightOrder is thrilled to announce the successful acquisition of DOT-RHX, a prominent player in the same domain. This strategic alignment is set to propel BrightOrder towards a new phase of growth, enabling an enriched product offering, an elevated customer experience, and an unwavering commitment to customer value.

The acquisition of DOT-RHX stands as a testament to BrightOrder’s dedication to continued innovation and a customer-first approach. By bringing together the expertise and strengths of both entities – through technology and personnel – this move is poised to redefine industry standards and unlock fresh avenues of advancement.


“This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in our journey,” declared Jay Georgi, CEO of BrightOrder. “By integrating DOT-RHX’s exceptional capabilities into our fold, we are poised to not only amplify our product range but also enhance the overall experience for our valued customers.”

The integration of DOT-RHX’s offerings into BrightOrder’s portfolio is set to deliver a comprehensive suite of telematics and dash cam solutions, catering to an array of industries and diverse customer needs. Clients of BrightOrder can anticipate a more dynamic and holistic experience through this new extended range of cutting-edge solutions that will compliment existing offerings very nicely. This is a fantastic step forward in continuing to build out an ecosystem of the best solutions for valued customers and shows BrightOrder’s unwavering commitment to delivering excellence.

As BrightOrder continues to prioritize innovation and customer value, this strategic acquisition exemplifies its resolute dedication to evolving alongside industry trends and the best suited technological advancements. With a dominant focus on enriching the lives of its clients, BrightOrder aims to continually redefine industry benchmarks and usher in a new eras of excellence.


About BrightOrder:

BrightOrder, originally known as Perfit Computers, is a 1996 family-founded business with a goal to create tailor-made, innovative solutions for the transportation and heavy-duty vehicle industry. We are always seeking new technologies and methodologies, not just because they are new but because they are the best suited for our valued customers and the challenges they face today and in the future. 

Our flagship software, EMDECS aims to find the best way to help streamline any and every task undertaken by fleet operators. We aspire to provide better, personalized solutions for an often overly commercialized and underappreciated industry. We believe in succeeding together. 

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