Our Top 5 Articles of 2022

The year 2022 was a good one for us. We published some fantastic articles, and we’re thrilled to see that they’ve resonated with our readers. 

And today, we’re excited to share our most popular articles from 2022! In this post, we’ll list out the five most read posts on our website over the last year. 

We’ve got everything from tips for attracting and retaining young talent, to successfully introducing new technology to your team, and even a guide on the most effective ways to recession-proof your fleet. 

Let’s dive right in:

4 Ways to Recession-Proof Your Fleet

With rising interest rates, stock markets turning bearish, and inflation at its highest in 40 years with Canada at 7.7% and the US at 8.6%, it is no secret that we are heading into a recession. With the average recession since 1854 spanning 17 months, it is crucial for trucking companies to get ahead of the curve and put in necessary practices in place to ensure they survive and thrive during this economic downturn.

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How to Attract and Retain Young Talent in the Transportation Industry

These days, young talent is exceedingly hard to come by in the transportation industry. The emphasis on post-secondary education, especially college and university degrees, has led young people to consider careers outside logistics and transportation. While these jobs may not be as desirable to some, having a career in transportation can result in many great financial opportunities while also becoming part of a fantastic transportation community.

However, In order to attract young professionals who have many career options available to them, you need to offer an attractive environment that speaks to their values.

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4 Steps to Successfully Introduce New Technology to Your Team

Most people don’t like change. This statement rings especially true when it comes to companies implementing new technology and struggling with getting their employees onboard to give these new technological solutions a chance.  However, in today’s fast-paced world, change is abundant and it’s critical to have a technology strategy that keeps up with your company’s growth. 

But introducing new technology can be tricky—if you don’t do it correctly, your team could end up dealing with costly bugs and system downtime. Below, we’ve highlighted four steps we recommend taking before implementing any new technology into your organization.

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How the Cloud is Transforming the Transportation Industry

Of all the technology innovations

to hit the market in the last few decades, one of the most transformational technologies in recent memory has been the advent of the cloud. As companies look for ways to improve efficiency and increase profits, many are finding that cloud solutions are an easy way to get started on digital transformation. The cloud can help trucking companies comply with new regulations while also gaining efficiencies that increase profits.

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How Can AI Be Implemented in the Transportation Industry?

The transportation industry has seen exponential growth over the last decade, and much of this growth can be credited to the introduction and application of web and software solutions. However, despite these advancements, the industry is still prone to accidents and maintenance issues, causing delays which can be prevented. The solution may lie in the introduction of artificial intelligence. HGV companies can use AI to improve their fleets’ safety, increase fuel efficiency and cut down on costs. 

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Closing Thoughts
We hope you enjoyed reading our most popular articles of 2022. We had a lot of fun creating and writing these pieces, so we hope they inspire or inform you in some way. If you have any feedback or ideas for future content, please let us know!
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