Kenworth Trucks Reaches Centennial

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The tale of Kenworth begins with a great adventure in the Pacific Northwest where rough and tough loggers fought winding, muddy and narrow mountain roads to transport logs for processing. Harry Kent and Edgar K. Worthington heard about the difficulty of even small loads getting safely off the mountains. The two business people traveled to those mountains in hopes of solving the loggers’ dilemma by building trucks that could haul the payloads bigger and better and safer.

On January 22, 1923, Kent and Worthington formed the Kenworth Motor Truck Company in Seattle, Washington and the adventure continues as does the innovation and the excitement. Speaking of excitement, Kenworth is now celebrating 100 years of making trucks better, safer, and more comfortable for operators. The celebration will continue throughout 2023.

Check Out These New Limited Edition Models

One of the highlights is the release of 2 new Limited Edition truck models in respect of the Kenworth achievements. For views of the limited edition W900L go to W900L Limited Edition | Kenworth. And for information on the T680 Signature Edition go to T680 Signature Edition | Kenworth. 

CON EXPO calls itself the largest construction show in North America and Kenworth will be there with all their construction work trucks on display. The show takes place in Las Vegas, Nevada and runs from March 14 to 18, 2023. If you are in the market for new equipment and you want top quality and dependability, we recommend taking in the latest features of the array of trucks from Kenworth.

We can tell you that the history of Kenworth Trucks is fascinating and highly worthwhile for all to read. It is an easy read, complete with many historical photos of the progression of innovation and firsts for trucks. Kenworth’s influence on trucks the world over is evident in many other truck builders who have followed and adopted the lead of Kenworth right up to battery electric trucks such as those pioneered by Kenworth. Enjoy a glimpse into a virtual time capsule for 100 years of Kenworth’s history and achievements. See for yourself at 100 YEARS | Kenworth. 

You will quickly understand why Kenworth calls itself “world’s best”. 

Enjoy the ride!

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