Introducing the Customer Booking and Estimate Portal

Clear communication between your shop and your customers is always going to be a top priority, but shouldn’t be a top-time consumer. 

With the new Customer Booking and Estimate feature, you can streamline communication through a more digitized and automated process.

Your customers can now place booking requests through their Access Portal, simply let them know about the two new tabs where they can place a request with a preferred Date, Location, and include any relevant detail for the unit’s repair! 

On your shop side, find the corresponding request under the new tab on the Service Board, and respond with one of four available options. 

If the customer has gone ahead and provided you with enough detail regarding the work required, you’re able to provide an estimate for approval that you and another step ahead in the process. 

All requests and responses from the shop triggered email notifications to ensure nothing gets left behind.

These are just a few of the ways EMDECS is helping to save you more time and increase your operation’s efficiency at every level!

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Introducing the Customer Booking and Estimate Portal

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