How to Attract and Retain Young Talent in the Transportation Industry

These days, young talent is exceedingly hard to come by in the transportation industry. The emphasis on post-secondary education, especially college and university degrees, has led young people to consider careers outside logistics and transportation. While these jobs may not be as desirable to some, having a career in transportation can result in many great financial opportunities while also becoming part of a fantastic transportation community.

However, In order to attract young professionals who have many career options available to them, you need to offer an attractive environment that speaks to their values.

Read on to find out more about how you can effectively attract and retain young talent.

Change the narrative around the transportation industry

The transportation industry, unfortunately, has a poor image. It’s not seen as an innovative or creative place to work, and it certainly doesn’t have the cool factor that some other industries may have.

If you want to attract young talent, you need to change this narrative. You need to show that logistics and transportation is not about just driving a vehicle; it’s about innovation and technology, making people’s lives easier, and creating new opportunities for people and businesses.

Most importantly, the transportation industry is about the people that keep the flow of goods and services moving. It’s about boundless opportunities and possibilities.

If we want younger generations coming into our industry with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for making things better, we need to remind them that transportation is more than just driving a vehicle. A career in transportation is not only essential, but to a certain degree, it is future proof. 

Almost every aspect of our lives is affected by the transportation industry, and as such, if there are issues or delays, like a driver shortage, things can go south real quick. I’m sure we all remember the grocery stores in the first month of the pandemic (back in March 2020) when there were shortages nationwide.

Demonstrate meaningful appreciation for drivers

If you want to retain talented workers in your industry, you have to make them feel appreciated. Drivers want recognition for their hard work and can be motivated by simple acts of kindness such as thanking them for a job well done or acknowledging their achievements.

You can also give your drivers more opportunities for growth (for example, through cross-training) so that they don’t see themselves as stuck in their current role forever. And give them a voice—you don’t have to be the only one who makes decisions about the future of your company!

Embrace technology to enable digital transformation

Technology is a critical component of the transportation industry, and it has become an essential part of many employee’s daily lives. If you want to attract and retain young talent, then embrace technology!

Technology can be used to gain competitive advantage by making your organization more efficient and innovative. It can also help you provide better customer service and enhance driver experience. By providing your employees with tools that make their jobs easier, you’ll be helping them do their best work.

Prioritize training and development

Investing in training and development is one of the best ways to keep your employees engaged and committed to your company over the long term. Not only will this help you attract young talent, but it also shows that you’re dedicated to the continued success of your business.

Training and development are important not just for attracting new hires but also for keeping them happy once they join your team. Training improves employees’ skills sets and makes them more marketable when it comes time to move on from their current roles or jump ship entirely.

Training helps them understand how everything works behind-the-scenes at their company so that they can contribute more meaningfully during meetings, brainstorm sessions and other discussions.

These types of interactions can help strengthen relationships within teams working toward similar goals—creating a stronger sense of teamwork among colleagues which leads to increased worker satisfaction because everyone feels like an integral part of something bigger than themselves.

Instill purpose

In order to attract and retain the best workers, you’ll have to give them a compelling reason to work for your company. In this case, that means instilling purpose.

One way companies can do this is by establishing a culture of innovation—a place where employees are encouraged to think outside the box and create new ways of doing things.

It’s not enough for workers just to know their job; they also need a sense of how their work fits into the larger picture of the company and its industry as a whole.

That’s why it’s important for employers in any field (not just transportation) to talk about their history as well as their goals for future growth: if employees feel like they’re working towards something bigger than themselves, then they’re more likely to stay committed long-term.

Closing thoughts

It’s no secret that the transportation industry is changing rapidly. The way people get around has been changing for centuries, and there are more exciting developments on the horizon. As more millennials enter the workforce, there will be increasing demand for new kinds of solutions and technologies—and companies in this space will need to find ways to attract and retain their best young talent.

By taking a proactive approach now, you can ensure that your organization stays ahead of the curve without sacrificing quality or productivity.

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