Reduce Costs with Fleet Preventative Maintenance Software

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Looking for ways to maintain your fleet efficiently and avoid costly breakdowns?

Fleet preventative maintenance software is an essential tool that automates the scheduling, tracking, and management of vehicle upkeep, leading to reduced downtimes and overall cost savings.

It ensures that your vehicles are serviced regularly, improving safety and performance while complying with industry regulations.

In this article, we’ll unpack the key features, benefits, and different types of fleet preventative maintenance software, helping you make an informed decision for your operation’s needs.

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Understanding Fleet Preventative Maintenance Software

Fleet vehicles being maintained in a workshop; future vehicle acquisition can benefit with an already setup preventive maintenance from a fleet management software.
Future vehicle acquisition can benefit with an already setup preventive maintenance from a fleet management software.

Fleet management software that offers preventive maintenance fundamentally serves as a strategic tool to boost fleet management efficiency.

It achieves this through a combination of features that enable scheduling, tracking, and reporting on vehicle maintenance and driver management.

This holistic approach to fleet management provides complete visibility across the entire fleet and operations, enabling fleet managers to make timely and informed decisions that enhance productivity and profitability.

Harnessing the power of mobile applications, the software bridges the gap between data and action in fleet services.

With instant data transfer and accessibility, fleet managers can quickly identify and respond to issues that could otherwise escalate into larger problems.

This proactive approach to fleet management contributes to smoother operations and results in significant cost savings.

Key Features of Fleet Preventative Maintenance Software

Fleet software is laden with various features engineered to streamline and optimize the responsibility and operations of any fleet manager.

One such feature is preventative maintenance (PM) scheduling, which enables fleet managers to effectively:

  • Assign units to PM schedules

  • View upcoming and past maintenance

  • Add external PM history

  • Automatically calculate next due dates

This feature ensures that vehicles receive the necessary maintenance at the right intervals, maximizing vehicle lifespan and performance, and making vehicle acquisition a wise investment.

Another standout feature of fleet preventative maintenance software includes driver management and robust reporting mechanisms for fleet managers to track performance and other critical metrics.

The integration of these features in a user-friendly mobile application ensures ease of use and accessibility, making the software a must-have tool for modern fleet managers.

Types of Fleet Preventative Maintenance Software

One popular type is cloud-based software, which offers anytime, anywhere access to data, enhancing flexibility for fleet managers and business operations as a whole, and can integrate data across various equipment manufacturers and fleet telematics allowing for scalability in line with fleet growth.

When choosing fleet management systems, fleet managers must consider their company’s specific needs.

EMDECS stands out as a leading cloud-based fleet management software, providing more than just preventative maintenance. It encompasses a suite of additional features including:

  • Inventory management

  • Repairs

  • Technician portals

  • Tracking of labor hours and fleet costs

  • Customer portals

  • Reporting and analytics

These features can help streamline all your fleet operations, including financial tools with our centralized fleet management solutions that can also be tailored to your specific needs to get the most out of the system to improve your operations.

10 Reasons You Need Fleet Management Software

With its diverse and robust capabilities, preventative maintenance schedules from fleet management software hold the potential to revolutionize commercial fleets.

But if you’re still wondering whether it’s worth the investment, let’s explore 10 compelling reasons why you need fleet management software.

Extending vehicle lifespan, reducing downtime, enhancing driver safety, and streamlining workflow, fleet management software offers a host of benefits. Some of the key benefits include:

  • Reducing maintenance costs and increasing fuel efficiency

  • Compliance and reporting

  • Real-time monitoring and fleet tracking

  • Reducing environmental impact

  • Scalability and flexibility

  • Fleet Data and Analytics

Each of these benefits is available with EMDECS and these features contribute to an increased operational efficiency and sustainable fleet operation.

1. Improved Vehicle Lifespan

Improve vehicle lifespan and fleet performance through preventative maintenance.
Improve vehicle lifespan and fleet performance through preventative maintenance.

One key benefit of fleet management services is their significant impact on extending the lifespan of your vehicles.

By enabling businesses to track vehicle performance and adhere to a strict preventative maintenance schedule, fleet management software helps extend the lifespan of your fleet of vehicles and achieve optimal performance considerably.

Moreover, with automated service reminders, fleet management software helps in conducting timely inspections and maintenance, and fleet managers can identify potential issues early on to prevent expensive repairs and reduce downtime.

This proactive approach to vehicle maintenance ensures that your company can maximize its return on investment for all commercial vehicles and save on operational costs.

2. Reduced Downtime Of Fleet Vehicles

A fleet manager and technician looking over a work order; Any fleet manager's responsibility includes minimizing downtime for fleet of vehicles undergoing maintenance. Preventive maintenance can ensure fleet efficiency during routine maintenance.
Preventive maintenance can ensure fleet efficiency during routine maintenance.

For any fleet manager, minimizing vehicle downtime is of utmost importance and the preventive maintenance from a fleet management software like EMDECS addresses this issue head-on by integrating:

  • Remote diagnostics

  • OEM data

  • VMRS codes

  • Scheduled Repairs

This integration helps any fleet manager expedite the service process and significantly reduces vehicle downtime for commercial vehicles.

Fleet management software allows for the scheduling of planned service events during non-operational hours, maximizing vehicle availability during peak business times.

This optimization of vehicle uptime sustains business operations and bolsters a company’s brand image and customer satisfaction.

3. Enhanced Safety

A fleet manager can schedule proactive maintenance for enhanced driver safety
A fleet manager can schedule proactive maintenance for enhanced driver safety

In fleet management, safety remains a foremost priority, and fleet preventative maintenance software takes this a step further, ensuring driver safety by allowing fleet managers to rely on others to adopt a proactive maintenance approach and address small safety concerns before they escalate.

Moreover, the fleet management software’s features like the following contribute significantly to ensuring driver safety:

  • Incident management to effectively handle accidents when they occur

  • Customizable training documents to improve driver performance and reduce the risk of accidents

  • Real-time visibility and fleet safety culture facilitated by PM scheduling offered by a fleet management software

4. Streamlined Workflow

Fleet management software is designed to streamline operations, leading to substantial reductions in operating costs and fleet management software’s real-time insights into vehicle states ensure efficient service management by minimizing unnecessary service events and avoiding repetitions.

Adding telematics solutions to your day-to-day operations like a vehicle tracking system helps fleet managers monitor driver behavior, track fuel usage, and route planning, and overall increase productivity.

5. Cost Savings

Cost reduction and asset utilization are vital for business success, and fleet management software is a key contributor by identifying and eliminating unnecessary expenses, resulting in more cost-efficient fleet operations.

EMDECS’ scheduled maintenance facilitated by the preventive maintenance module of fleet management software reduces operational costs and disruptions associated with unexpected repairs and minimizes the need for manual paperwork and administration, allowing fleet managers to allocate more time to strategic efforts for business growth.

6. Increased Fuel Efficiency

Fleet management systems can help fleet managers monitor fuel costs and usage for increased fuel efficiency
Fleet management systems can help fleet managers monitor fuel costs and usage for increased fuel efficiency

Fleet managers often grapple with fuel efficiency issues, and fleet management software can help alleviate this concern.

By monitoring vehicles’ fuel usage, fleet management software can help fleet managers identify performance issues that lead to excessive fuel consumption, ultimately less vehicle emissions and reducing fuel costs.

7. Compliance and Reporting

Ensuring compliance with regulatory mandates of fleet policies is a crucial aspect of fleet management, and fleet management software has got you covered.

Fleet management software like EMDECS enhances regulatory compliance by offering digital Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) and ensuring adherence to the Department of Transportation (DoT) regulations.

These features streamline the process of conducting thorough inspections and maintaining accurate records, which are critical for audits and safety checks.

8. Real-Time Monitoring

Another significant advantage of fleet preventative maintenance software is real-time monitoring and fleet tracking.

EMDECS offers a real-time live overview of your fleet operations like vehicle maintenance from any location with any device connected to the internet for any remote fleet manager or other remote users.

9. Environmental Impact

Fleet managers can achieve sustainable day-to-day operations by using digitized approach in all fleet operations.
Fleet managers can achieve sustainable day-to-day operations by using digitized approach in all fleet operations.

Considering the environmental impact of fleet operations is increasingly important, and fleet management software can help fleets reduce their environmental footprint.

Fleet management software aids in detecting vehicle performance issues that can cause inefficient fuel consumption, and the shift from traditional paper records to digital processes contributes to environmental savings.

EMDECS being a cloud-based fleet management software can digitize your operations and will reduce your company’s carbon footprint by going completely paperless!

10. Scalability and Flexibility

Ultimately, the software’s scalability and flexibility stand out as one of its major advantages as scalability is a core feature of the best fleet management software, allowing for on-demand customization to keep pace with business growth and changes in fleet size and operations.

Fleet management software offers integration and scalability crucial for cooperating with existing tools and supporting business development.

A great fleet management software is designed to scale with businesses of any size, ensuring utility for small enterprises, expanding companies, and large organizations alike.

EMDECS boasts scalability that accommodates the needs of small mom-and-pop repair shops to national multi-location fleets with 10,000+ assets, with one of our clients being the largest LTL fleet in North America.

Additionally, EMDECS being a robust solution, can be tailored to meet your specific operational needs. 

Choosing the Right Fleet Management Software

Adding a fleet management software to your assets, is not just for your current fleet but also for your future vehicle acquisition and overall growth of your business.
EMDECS PM Inspection Manager

Involving consultants early in the software selection process can ensure that the chosen solution aligns with your business’s operational needs and workflows, and when choosing a cloud-based fleet management software, it’s essential to assess factors such as:

  • Data security needs

  • IT resource availability

  • Flexibility

  • Anticipated quickness of ROI

The cost for the software is influenced by fleet size and the number of assets tracked and should include considerations of the purchase price, implementation costs, and ongoing maintenance costs for a total cost of ownership.

Evaluating Customer Support and Training

BrightOrder boasts the Best-in-Class Customer Service
BrightOrder boasts the Best-in-Class Customer Service

When assessing fleet preventative maintenance software, customer support and driver training, are two essential elements to take into account.

Training drivers to effectively use the software ensures they can identify and report potential issues, reducing repair times and costs.

The level of customer support, including availability and responsiveness, is another key factor to consider and user ratings for customer support can be a valuable indicator of the expected service quality from the vendor.

EMDECS from BrightOrder sets itself apart with a dedicated North America-based customer service team committed to building personal client relationships, our unparalleled customer support ensures that businesses receive timely assistance and guidance, fostering trust and satisfaction.

Get started with EMDECS

Fleet managers and all other end users will find our fleet management software, EMDECS is one of the best solution for all your fleet operational needs.

EMDECS Fleet Preventative Maintenance Software Features

EMDECS presents a comprehensive solution for fleet preventative maintenance, streamlining operations to increase productivity with features such as:

  • Inventory Management: Real-time tracking and management of parts inventory to reduce carrying costs and ensure parts availability.

  • Repairs: Detailed management of repair orders, from initiation to completion, for high-quality service and quick turnaround times.

  • Technician Portals: Dedicated portals for technicians to access essential information and manage tasks effectively.

  • Labor Hours and Fleet Cost Tracking: Accurate monitoring and analysis of labor hours and associated costs for better budgeting and cost management.

Tools for Repair Shops and Fleet Maintenance

EMDECS service board is reminiscent of an aiport arrivals/departures board designed with an easier user experience but contains comprehensive features for fleet managers, technicians and all other end users.
EMDECS Service Board

EMDECS also offers a suite of tools tailored for repair shops and fleet maintenance, including:

  • Repair Order Creation and Estimates: Streamline the creation of repair orders and provide accurate cost estimates to enhance client trust.

  • Technician Repairs and Invoicing: Efficient tracking of technician repairs and streamlined invoicing processes.

  • Service Board and Time Sheet for Mechanics: A service board for job scheduling and prioritization, along with accurate time sheets for mechanics, improving workshop productivity.

Smooth Implementation and Mobile Accessibility

The implementation of EMDECS is designed to be smooth and guided, with customer service personnel assisting in information gathering and software implementation.

Our fleet management software provides a mobile repair order tool for tracking roadside repairs, which is useful for fleets with traveling technicians and remote fleet managers, ensuring management from any location with an internet-connected device.


In this landscape, fleet management software emerges as a powerful tool that can revolutionize fleet operations, increasing productivity, profitability, and sustainability.

Improving vehicle lifespan, reducing downtime, enhancing safety, using fuel efficiency programs, or streamlining workflow, the benefits of this software are clear.

With its robust features, scalability, and flexibility, fleet management software, EMDECS is a worthy investment for any fleet manager looking to optimize their vehicle class operations, save money, and drive business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

As fleet managers, how do we keep track of fleet maintenance?

To keep track of maintenance, you can use fleet management software like EMDECS, which helps schedule maintenance, track vehicle records, and automate tasks like service reminders and parts syncing.

What is fleet preventive maintenance?

Fleet preventive maintenance is a proactive, periodic, and routine maintenance of vehicles and equipment to keep them in optimal condition and prevent sudden malfunctions and downtimes.

Does EMDECS have a fleet management system?

Yes, EMDECS does have a vehicle fleet management system that allows real-time organization and tracking of essential fleet management data. It helps with delays and maintenance schedules for vehicles.

Which software is used for fleet management?

EMDECS is a popular choice for fleet management companies, offering a connected mobility platform that streamlines operations and increases operational efficiency.

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