Fighting Boredom on the Road

Truck drivers face long shifts every day. Many cover hundreds of miles in a day at the wheel. They run into delays of various sorts such as waiting to load and unload cargo which is referred to as detention time. Many drivers endure these times with little or nothing to do. Inevitably boredom overcomes them for much of each day.

Research has shown that chronic boredom is dangerous to any person’s mental health, not just truck drivers, making one likely to experience depression and cause harmful thoughts and behavior. Boredom can cause a person to hate his or her job and affect their safety while driving.

No one can solve your problem of boredom by thinking kind, upbeat thoughts. That will never work for any truck drivers we know. As a truck driver, you need concrete and actual strategies that you can employ to fight your ever-increasing effects of boredom. So we’re offering you some practical suggestions you can use to relieve boredom on the road.

Get Yourself a Hobby

Find something that will hold your interest, is relaxing, and helps you de-stress by freeing your mind from dangerous boredom. Not sure you could practice a hobby in a truck? Relax, we have a few suggestions that can work well for truck drivers while on the road.


Teach Yourself to Learn Creative Writing

You’re always traveling, and meeting dynamic souls with interesting personalities and stories. Use a notebook, tablet, or laptop to record notes and you can turn them into stories or books. Later they can become characters created by you in your very first short story or even a novel.

You can get a great deal of help online with learning from Writer’s Digest. Who knows? Somewhere inside you, who’s to say you’re not the next John Grisham?

Take Up a Musical Instrument with Online Learning

Some of us have always wished we could play music, but life got in the way. You can pick up an instrument during off duty periods or detention time. A simple online search will hook you up with courses for a variety of instruments.

Be sure to pick an instrument that is easy to pack and will travel well in your truck. Good used musical instruments can be found in pawn shops at very reasonable prices so you don’t need to make a big investment to start learning.

A harmonica can travel in your pocket, you can whip it out whenever you are not driving, and it can really make beautiful music with your input. Online courses and YouTube videos are available for numerous instruments and can help you gain much satisfaction from your instrument.

Learn to Cook

Learning to cook can be great for a truck driver’s nutrition and overall health. One can experience a great deal of pride from creating great meals in the truck. Recipes are available everywhere online and most are free. 

Many modern trucks come equipped with a refrigerator. If your truck does not have one and you want to cook in the truck, consider picking up an electric cooler to keep your meats and vegetables fresh. Travel with a trip’s worth of meals. Drivers can cook easily with a small microwave oven or an electric burner to prepare hot meals. Food is a trusted source of so many recipes and they’re free to everyone. Enjoy your new talent. And be sure to get the home folks involved to bring much satisfaction to all.

Show Off Your Travels with Photos

You no doubt pass by some very interesting and scenic venues as you travel. Why not share them with others? Most phones have a pretty incredible camera these days. You don’t need an expensive camera when you’re starting with photography. If you want help with photo techniques to improve your pix, a simple online search will provide a wealth of informative instruction.

Watch Old Favorites

From action to love stories, whichever you choose to watch will make you feel good. Watching a movie on your TV or mobile device when not driving can be like spending a couple of hours with old friends. But if you crave new movies, Satellite TV is the option for you to get you away from business for a while.

Take Up Exercise

Unproductive detention time to get in a quick workout with hand weights or exercise bands. Bands in the sleeper or outside. Refresh your brain by getting outside and walking around the area. Be careful when using headphones or earbuds outside so you can be aware of approaching vehicles. Workout routines for truck drivers or people generally on the move are easy to find online as well

Get a hobby and improve your quality of life. Don’t be afraid to try new things, you won’t regret it.

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