EMDECS Quarterly Update: February 2022

Welcome to a quick overview of the EMDECS February 2022 update! Let’s start off with a few quick changes. 

While I know that our EMDECS customer excellence team always looks forward to speaking with you, we understand that reaching out to alter small details of your system can take up your valuable time. 

That’s why in this update, we’ve opened up some of our settings to be more accessible to administrative users.

Password Resets

Organizations can now manage their user passwords without having to reach out to the BrightOrder team. 

Simply navigate to the User Manager screen, where administrators can now expire or reset user passwords within a few simple steps. 

RO Invoice Toggles

Another item you can now independently edit within EMDECS, is the format of your Repair Order or Work Order invoices.

By taking a look at the Invoice Setup tab on the Corporate Manager Screen, you’ll find there are new additional options available to hide or include information such as the Technicians, Activity Charge Details, and so on. 

Other formats such as window envelopes and footers will have these new toggles as well, ensuring your customers see as much, or as little information as you’d like to provide them. 

Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains Accounting Interface 

EMDECS is continuing to expand its accounting export capabilities with the addition of the Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains accounting interface. 

With your vital operational platforms synchronized, you not only reduce the risk of errors due to processes like double-entry, but streamline everyday tasks that eat away at efficiency. 

Once your organization is set up with the interface, you can generate journals as normal for Work Order Invoices, Supplier Inventory Invoices, as well as Sublet Work Order Invoices.

At the end of every day, the file batch will be exported and available through your Microsoft Dynamics Great Plains System!

Additions to the Tire Module 

Last year we were happy to announce an entirely new Tire Module to the EMDECS system, and speaking to our philosophy of continual improvement we’ve added a few more features to make it more robust and to ensure it suits all your needs. 

Firstly, on the reporting side of things you will find the new Tire Cost & Tire Inventory reports – exportable as excel spreadsheets. 

The costs report will break down valuable information such as cost per mile, while the inventory report captures your current serial numbers and breaks it down by brand, type, size and condition.

Back on the Tire Module itself, we’ve introduced the physical count and inventory adjustment functionality to ensure you’re keeping proper track of your tires. Ensure your inventory is up to date by easily checking and adjusting levels as necessary, and by indicating where tires have been lost or scrapped due to damage. 

Customer Booking & Estimate Portal

Clear communication between your shop and your customers is always going to be a top priority, but it shouldn’t be a top time-consumer. With the new Customer Booking & Estimate feature you can streamline communication through more digitized and automated processes. 

Your customers can now place booking requests through their access portal. 

Simply let them know about the two new tabs, where they can place a request with a preferred date, location, and include any relevant details for the unit’s repair. 

On your shop’s side, find the corresponding request under the new tab on the Service Board and respond with one of four available options. If the customer has gone ahead and provided you with enough detail regarding the work required you’re able to provide an estimate for approval, getting you another step ahead in the process.  

All requests and responses from the shop trigger email notifications to ensure nothing gets left behind. 

These are just a few of the ways EMDECS is helping to save you more time and increase your operation’s efficiency, at every level.

For a more detailed run down of all the bug fixes, new features and system updates feel free to take a look at our release notes under the System Status and Updates section of our Knowledge Base at help.emdecs.com

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