Drop Trailer Service

A Trendy New Idea in Shipping

Drop trailer service is growing among shippers who are tired of having to load freight on carriers’ schedules. Instead, when a carrier drops off a trailer, it clears the shipper’s yard of trucks creating congestion while waiting to load or unload. It also eliminates the need for a shipper to argue with a carrier over payment for detention time of waiting trucks.

The shipper has the convenience of loading the freight during regular work hours, thereby escaping the payment of overtime for workers. Of course, this system depends on availability of both the carrier and shipper. The carrier requires excess capacity and the shipper must have availability of both the freight and the manpower to load it.

Drop trailer service provides the carrier with the luxury of being able to get drivers to maximize their hours of service (HOS) without having to spend them for loading or unloading, enabling them to drive the full day’s mileage while providing exemplary service to customers.

How it Works

The carrier drops a trailer with a shipper or receiver depending on whether it needs to be loaded or unloaded. The shipper or receiver can work on their own schedule for loading or unloading and without extra cost. A dropped trailer is accounted for by the carrier charging extra for the transportation fee. That makes it a fair deal in times of limited truck availability.

With extra time available for loading, shippers have the time to ensure the freight is loaded correctly and safely. In addition to providing extra time to load or unload, dropped trailer service leads to less congestion in the truck yard and therefore more manageability of the yard and the docks. Dropped trailers increase the likelihood of meeting on time deliveries and keeping customers happy with the service.

Drop trailer service is an appropriate option for less than truckload runs which include multiple deliveries. A driver can more than likely meet their delivery appointments without delays which keeps shippers and their customers satisfied and likely to use the service more.

Improving the Supply Chain

Supply chain management is now more important than ever before. An advantage of drop trailer service is that a driver can pick up a trailer that has previously been loaded while the driver leaves an empty trailer to be loaded for the next run. This is a more efficient means of managing supply chain issues. And that’s what matters to consumers. After all, we work for the people who purchase the goods we deliver. That is what pays our wages and surely always will.

Drop trailer service keeps the wheels turning, drivers happy that they are not wasting driving time, goods being delivered, and consumers satisfied. Isn’t that what trucking is all about?

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