Selecting the Best Dash Cam for Construction Site Safety

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Looking for the best dash cams to fortify your construction site?

Our in-depth analysis emphasizes the pivotal role of dash cameras in construction and heavy-duty vehicles, highlighting their importance in promoting safety and accountability on the job.

By focusing on essential attributes such as durability and high-resolution recording, we guide you to make an informed decision, ensuring that your construction fleet is equipped with a dash cam that withstands the harsh conditions of construction sites and provides clear video quality and actionable footage when it matters most.

In fact, according to a survey by Commercial Fleet, the use of dash cams has led to a 55% reduction in accident rates on construction sites, making it a wise investment for enhancing site safety.

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Enhancing Construction Site Safety with Dash Cams

Photo of construction vehicles; Equip your construction vehicle with top dash cams from BrightOrder.

Dash cams have become a necessity in the construction industry. These devices are installed at construction sites to:

  • Protect individuals, passengers, and vehicles in case of theft or accidents

  • Record incidents as they occur through real-time monitoring

  • Facilitate proactive measures to avert future accidents

Moreover, the data most dash cams collect aids construction companies in improving fleet management by pinpointing both best practices and potential improvements.

The responsible behaviour promoted by dash cam usage encourages careful handling of equipment, reducing maintenance costs.

The Role of Dash Cams in Construction Fleet Safety

two consruction vehicles on-site
Construction site theft costs $1 billion annually, while construction accidents comprise over 20% of workplace fatalities in the US.

Dash cams serve as an additional layer of protection by acting as an objective witness in the event of on-site incidents.

Their primary purpose on construction sites is to capture video clips, which is critical for providing evidence in cases of accidents.

Some dash cameras come equipped with gyroscopes and accelerometers to detect and document events such as harsh braking and collisions, vital for post-incident reviews.

Criteria for Selecting the Best Dash Cam for Construction Fleets

When it comes to selecting the best dash cams for your construction fleet, the details matter.

Here are the key features to consider to ensure your investment provides the best overall dash cam:

  • High-resolution video quality: Essential for capturing clear, detailed footage.

  • Wide-angle lens capability: A 140-degree field of view to ensure a comprehensive capture of the vehicle’s surroundings.

  • Night vision: To maintain visibility and safety in low-light conditions.

  • GPS Tracking: For location tracking and route history.

  • Impact detection: Utilizing a g-sensor, gyroscopes, and accelerometers to record incidents.

  • Durability: To withstand the demanding environment of construction sites.

  • High internal storage capacity: Preferably 128GB for extensive video recording without frequent overwrites.

By prioritizing these features, you can confidently equip your construction fleet with dash cams that protect your assets, team, and bottom line.

BrightOrder Dash Cams for Construction Vehicles

BrightOrder is a global leader in fleet maintenance management, offering telematic devices like dash cameras designed to keep track of what is going on the road at all times.

These devices provide continuous monitoring, ensuring the protection of drivers and the fleet in case of accidents.

Moreover, BrightOrder dash cameras are FMCSA certified, ensuring compliance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

BrightOrder’s Dash Cam Key Features

Image of BrightOrder's AI-12 Front View Dash Cam that highlights: Built in GPS connectivity, battery for parking mode, sensors detecting driving conditions such as forward collision warnings, built in wifi-hotspot, tamper resistant SIM and 128 GB card slot, 1080P HD adjustable wide angle road-facing camera and is built for all vehicle types.
Image of BrightOrder’s AI-12 Front View Dash Cam that highlights: Built in GPS connectivity, battery for parking mode, sensors detecting driving conditions such as forward collision warnings, built-in wifi-hotspot, tamper-resistant SIM and 128 GB card slot, 1080P HD adjustable wide-angle road-facing camera and is built for all vehicle types.
  • Video Alerts: Our fleet dash cameras deliver video evidence and drive data within moments of an incident taking place such as a road collision, instant and unsafe braking or accelerating, or any instance of feeling hazardous.

  • Driver Snapshots: Take dash camera snapshots of your drivers and verify they follow proper safety protocols such as wearing their seatbelt, keeping both hands on the steering wheel, and not texting while driving.

  • Snapshots can be accessed from any point in the driver’s vehicle history.

  • GPS Features: Our API can be seamlessly integrated into your existing GPS software and video telematics combined with ELD, HOS, IFTA, and dispatching can provide a single and complete source for all your fleet management needs.

  • Additional Features: Other smart features include a Wi-Fi hotspot for easy wi-fi connectivity, excellent video quality, voice control for hands-free operation, cloud management for centralized vehicle management, simplified installation, and data retention capabilities for storing video data.

Image of BrightOrder's AI-12 dash cam in cabin camera view highlighting features like: Simple installation, Built-in speaker for alerts and coaching, high resistance to extreme heat or cold, adjust settings to set camera positions, SOS button and 720P HD adjustable wide camera for assisting distracted drivers.
Image of BrightOrder’s AI-12 dash cam in-cabin camera view highlighting features like simple installation, Built-in speaker for alerts and coaching, high resistance to extreme heat or cold, adjust settings to set camera positions, SOS button and 720P HD adjustable wide camera for assisting distracted drivers.

Installation and Setup: Getting Your Dash Cam Up and Running

Proper installation of a dash cam is key to ensuring its optimal performance.

Dash cameras should be mounted high in the center of the windshield, near the rear mirror, to ensure optimal view.

They can be powered by the car’s 12 V DC outlet, a power bank, or by connecting directly to the fuse box.

When running the power cable for the dash cam, start at the device and lay out the cable towards the fuse box to ascertain the needed route and slack.

Mounting Your Dash Cam: Best Practices

Dash cam performance is greatly influenced by its positioning.

Here are some tips for positioning your dash cam:

  1. It should be positioned within arm’s reach.

  2. Mount it under the rearview mirror to avoid obstructing the road view ensuring a clear video resolution.

  3. Use cable-holding clips to adhere the dash cam cord to the glass.

  4. Secure excess wire under the dashboard with zip ties for a tidy and stable setup.

Powering Your Device: Ensuring Continuous Operation

A proper power source is essential for a dash cam to ensure continuous operation and to avoid depleting the car’s battery.

Different models of dash cameras may draw on various power sources, which, if not correctly managed, can potentially deplete the car battery.

The power cable for the dash cam should be run to the passenger side and tucked into the moulding between the top of the windshield and the car’s headliner, which can be routed neatly for safety and aesthetics.

Advanced Dash Cam Features for Modern Fleets

Dash cameras today come equipped with a host of new features. To guarantee clear picture quality, high-definition resolution is vital in dash cameras, which is especially important in low-light conditions or high-speed scenarios.

Advanced dash cameras come equipped with active illumination, a type of nighttime vision technology, enabling high-quality video capture even at night.

In addition, movement detection in dash cameras uses advanced sensors to detect movement and record video, ensuring coverage during critical moments.

Night Vision Capabilities: Keeping an Eye Out After Dark

Nighttime vision capabilities in dash cameras are a game-changer for construction site safety.

Modern dash cameras designed for fleets are increasingly incorporating night vision, enabling clear image quality recording in low light conditions which is vital for maintaining visibility and security on construction sites after dark.

Night vision capabilities in these dash cameras, often equipped with an interior camera, include advanced infrared LED technology that significantly improves recording quality during nighttime or in poorly lit environments.

Motion Detection: Automated Monitoring When It Matters Most

Movement detection is one of the handy features that adds to the utility of dash cameras.

Dash cameras with movement detection capabilities can automatically record events when movement is detected, enhancing security during periods of vehicle inactivity.

BrightOrder offers dash cams that incorporate facial recognition technology for in-cab cameras. This advanced feature monitors driver alertness and behaviour, enhancing driver safety by alerting them to signs of distraction or fatigue.

Maximizing Video Footage: Storage and Retrieval

To derive maximum benefits, effective management of dash camera footage is paramount.

When selecting the ideal dash cams for your construction fleet, consider the flexibility of storage options. Users can opt for varying storage capacities, from the standard onboard memory to expandable solutions.

Additionally, subscription-based cloud storage services are available for those who prefer offsite data preservation.

BrightOrder’s dash cams can seamlessly integrate with built-in Wi-Fi, enabling effortless transfer and management of footage directly from the construction site to your office.

This level of adaptability ensures that your fleet’s dash cam system can be tailored to meet the unique demands of your construction operations.

Loop Recording Explained

Loop recording permits the dash cam to constantly replace the oldest video files with the newest ones, preventing storage capacities from being surpassed.

This ensures your dash cam can provide uninterrupted recording without requiring manual interference.

Accessing and Saving Critical Incidents

For critical incidents, it is paramount to access and save the pertinent footage.

Users can connect the dash cam directly to a computer using a USB cable or by removing the memory card and inserting it into a card reader.

Dash cam video can be transferred to a computer either through the traditional copy-paste method in the file system, or by utilizing specialized import software provided by the dash cam manufacturer.

Take Advantage of Bright Order’s Cloud Services

  • Manage all your vehicles from a secured cloud dashboard.

  • Get instant access to live video and video retrievals, for each vehicle, stored in the cloud for 30 days.

  • View vehicle GPS route tracking, details, and history logs.

  • Receive email alerts of harsh driving incidents.

  • Set permission and roles, for data and user access control.

  • Supported by fully redundant media servers with 99.99% uptime.

BrightOrder’s Telematics Devices

Illustration of BrightOrder's GPS tracking system, part of the telematics devices BrightOrder offers.
BrightOrder’s GPS tracking system: bird eye view of multiple fleet vehicles

Our company offers a suite of telematics devices that cater to comprehensive fleet management needs, ensuring vehicles are efficiently and safely managed.

Among these devices, Electronic Logging Devices (ELD) are integral, enabling compliance with driving hours regulations and providing critical data for fleet management.

In addition, GPS tracking devices offer navigational aids and vehicle tracking for fleet visibility.

Geofencing for Enhanced Site Security

Geofencing technology is another key feature offered by BrightOrder.

It enables construction sites to set virtual boundaries to monitor and control vehicle and equipment usage within designated areas.

Instant notifications are sent via text or email when a vehicle enters or exits the predefined geofencing area, enhancing site security.

Geofencing prevents unauthorized use of vehicles and equipment, which helps mitigate on-site theft.

External Truck Cameras: Expanding Your View

To ensure comprehensive coverage around the vehicle, BrightOrder provides rear cameras for trucks, complementing standard dash cameras.

These rear and interior cameras offer a more comprehensive view of the vehicle, significantly enhancing the existing functionality of dash cameras.

The expanded view afforded by the front and rear cameras, including rear-facing cameras, enhances driver safety and plays a crucial role in protecting against fraudulent insurance claims.

Installation is straightforward, typically taking only 10 minutes, and the system facilitates easy connectivity between devices.

Our dash cameras are equipped with state-of-the-art facial recognition technology, providing day and night alerts for distracted or drowsy drivers, thus enhancing safety across your fleet.

The BrightOrder Advantage

Brightordercompany logo
BrightOrder offers telematics and fleet maintenance management to overall enhance your construction fleet operations

BrightOrder’s commitment to exceptional customer service sets us apart in the industry.

Our company provides a dedicated North-American based support team with specialized experience in fleet maintenance management.

The customer service experience is carefully tailored to address the specific needs of fleet maintenance management, ensuring personalized solutions in line with industry requirements.

Global Leadership in Fleet Maintenance

With over 25 years of industry experience, BrightOrder is recognized globally as a leader in heavy-duty vehicle fleet maintenance management.

We have successfully adapted our solutions to serve a variety of sectors including emergency vehicles, government fleets, waste management, construction and many other heavy-duty vehicle fleets.

In addition to our telematics, BrightOrder also offers scalable fleet maintenance management, EMDECS, that serves a diverse range of fleet sizes, from small repair shops to North America’s largest LTL fleets with over 10,000 assets.

EMDECS has cemented its position as an expert in the field of heavy-duty vehicle fleet maintenance management.

Furthermore, BrightOrder enhances its global service provision with free demos, ensuring that every business understands how its systems can be leveraged for optimal fleet management.


Dash cams significantly enhance construction site safety. A National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) study showed a 21% reduction in risky driving behaviours due to dash cam usage in construction vehicles, highlighting their value in safety programs.

Enhance your construction fleet’s safety and management with BrightOrder’s cutting-edge dash cameras and telematics devices. Our solutions offer real-time monitoring, and incident capture, and promote responsible behaviour.

BrightOrder dash cameras are designed to seamlessly integrate with your fleet, providing advanced features without the need for hardware replacement.

Choose BrightOrder for a premium, cost-effective solution, crafted by an experienced team dedicated to the needs of commercial vehicles.

Book your free demo today.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features are essential in a fleet dash cam?

When selecting a fleet dash cam, essential features include high-resolution video for clear footage, wide-angle lenses for comprehensive coverage, durable construction for harsh environments, and sufficient storage capacity for extensive recording.

How does fleet dash cam footage contribute to vehicle safety?

Fleet dash cameras contribute to vehicle safety by providing real-time monitoring, recording driving incidents, and encouraging responsible driving behaviour.

They also aid in incident analysis and fleet management.

What are the benefits of having a dash cam in construction vehicles?

The benefits of having dash cameras in construction fleet vehicles include enhanced driver accountability, protection against fraudulent claims, and invaluable insights into driver behaviour that can inform safety training and risk management.

Why are dash cameras important for construction site safety?

They are important for construction site safety because they provide real-time monitoring, capture incidents as they happen, promote responsible behaviour, and can help reduce maintenance costs.

They play a critical role in ensuring safety and accountability on construction sites.

What features should I look for when choosing a dash cam for my construction fleet?

When choosing a dash cam for your construction fleet, look for features like high-resolution video, wide-angle lens capability, night vision, GPS, impact detection, durability, and adequate storage capacity. These features can enhance safety and provide valuable data for your fleet management.

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