What is Freight Forwarding

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What is Freight Forwarding What is Freight Forwarding In its simplest form, freight forwarding is combining freight types and composing shipments bound for international destinations. Transportation of shipments generally involves: trucking, air cargo, and ocean-going ships to reach faraway global sites for deliveries. Often, the shipments will include many different products from multiple suppliers of […]

Truck Yard and Warehouse Winter Safety

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Truck Yard and Warehouse Winter Safety Truck Yards and Warehouses are Hazardous Truck yards and warehouses are hazardous places to work, especially for truck drivers who frequently venture into those facilities routinely on each workday.  It’s part of their job and it’s dangerous no matter the weather. But winter weather brings increased risk of injury. […]

Truckers Bridge the Gaps

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Truckers Bridge the Gaps Truckers Bridge the Gaps Transportation of goods from factories to consumers relies on trucks and truck drivers to fill the gaps in keeping the supply chain flowing. But several other transportation modes are also involved in keeping the supply chain chugging along and bringing products to everyone. In fact, planes, trains, […]

The Days are Getting Shorter

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The Days are Getting Shorter The Days are Getting Shorter And Colder If you’ve been putting off needed truck maintenance, you had better take care of it now. If you continue to neglect your truck for whatever reason, believe it or not, your health may be at risk. For example, if your truck breaks down […]

Thanksgiving as a Trucker

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Thanksgiving as a Trucker Thanksgiving: Busy Time for Truck Drivers The current population of the United States is just short of 340 million and a great many Americans will be traveling the highways to enjoy time and traditional holiday dishes with family during Thanksgiving. It’s ironic that so many truck drivers are not able to […]

Ease Your Way into Trucking

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Ease Your Way into Trucking Ease Your Way into Trucking If you’ve gone through truck driver training school and acquired your Commercial Driver License (CDL) and found trucking a good fit for you, take the next big step: looking for your first truck driving job. You may get lucky if you trained at a great […]

Behavior-Based Safety

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Behavior-Based Safety Bringing Behavior-Based Safety to Trucking Accidents and injuries cost fleets in a huge way. Truck drivers are no exception to health issues of various sorts. Many drivers choose to ignore bad habits that may lead to serious health and safety issues over time. Often drivers must get out of the truck when picking […]

Truck Driving in Winter

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Truck Driving in Winter Truck Driving in Winter      ‘Tis the season once again. Parts of North America are already experiencing winter weather. Time to get our refresher on driving in the slush, ice, and snow. Many of you have. But the driver demographic is changing every year. Some retire and newbies take their places. […]

Truck Drivers and CBD

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Truck Drivers and CBD Truck Drivers and CBD Your job as a Commercial Driver License holder is essential to consumers and the economy. You as a truck driver must always be sharp and at your best when driving with or without a load of freight. Highways are crowded with traffic, safety is your number one […]

Monitor Your Truck’s Temperature Gauge


Monitor Your Truck’s Temperature Gauge Monitor Your Truck’s Temperature Gauge Keep a sharp eye on that Temp gauge no matter the weather. Coolant systems are prone to problems regardless of the weather or time of year. If you see the reading rise above its normal engine operating level, prepare to get off the highway quickly […]